Kindness in ripples

Today at noon (Thanksgiving Monday), I answered my door to a nice young lady (and her mom) with a gift of cookies in her hand. The attached note reads: “This is a plate of happiness,

Seniors gagged at meeting

Regarding your editorial on the Council of Aging meeting with Mary Anne Jablonski (Seniors missed opportunity, Oct. 13) and the lack of response from the huge crowd, it’s my opinion that we were gagged.

Why not celebrate National Foster Family Week?

Central Albertans have a reason to celebrate and some of us may not even know why. National Foster Family Week, Oct. 18 to 24, is a time where we are encouraged to think about the foster parents and kinship caregivers who support children and youth in care.

No one is speaking on behalf of the public’s interest

The debate on Bill 50 has centred solely on the concerns of industry. Enmax and the Industrial Power Consumers Coalition Association (IPCCA) claim that the transmission lines may not be needed, and AltaLink, TransCanada, TransAlta, Epcor, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), and Alberta Energy all say that the transmission lines are necessary.

Costly choice for couple

While I am aware that our economic woes have created difficulties all over this country, it is hard to ignore the individual tragedies that occur in one’s own neighbourhood.

Minister’s response to questions disappoints

The board of directors and members of the Central Alberta Council on Aging invited Minister of Seniors and Community Supports and Red Deer North MLA Mary Anne Jablonski to address our annual general meeting on Oct. 6 at the Golden Circle.

Corporal’s words much appreciated

y recent letter, headlined County police wrong about law, and downright rude, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Cpl. Terry Best for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak face to face with my father about the unfortunate situation that happened between him and a county officer.

Let’s raise the GST but reduce other taxes

Every time I turn around, there are signs of increased costs, fees, taxes, premiums and interest rates on the horizon.

Letter writer’s logic could be extended to medical care

What a great article, and such well-thought out ideas! Imagine teachers getting paid according to provincial exam results. That would solve everything.

Local hockey school a definite winner

While it’s great to hear and read about those who give back in thanks to others, it’s simply wonderful to bear witness to such.

It might be possible for the justice system to fight global warming

As things stand, there is no law that says causing climate change is illegal; as things stand, any deaths related to climate change are “accidental killings,” i.e. killings that are the result of the activity of nature or lawful acts.

County police wrong about law, and downright rude

I am writing this letter, sitting at my computer, as I am completely appalled by the story I just heard from my father about what happened to him today.

At today’s feed prices, herds will be sold off

In the Sept. 24, 2009, issue of Central Alberta Life there was an article entitled Feed Shortage Averted. While I generally agree with the story I would question Ted Nibourg’s price for hay. He says “hay is selling for between four and 4.5 cents a pound.” He further stated the price is far less than the $100 plus price for a round bale of hay some were forecasting.

See book review first

Before everyone rushes out to buy Ross McKitrick’s book debunking climate change (noted in Michelle Stirling-Anosh’s column Oct. 7), I would advise them first to check out www.amazon.com, where numerous people who have read the book have written some very good reviews on it (both positive and negative).

We need more people like this

This is a story about a person who always does what’s right and has the best morals. He is the kind of person who would do anything for anyone to help them out.

Parents can tell a good teacher from a bad one

Well, it must be the start of another school year. I did not figure this out because my kids strapped their backpacks on and headed out the door with their new school clothes on.

Naysayers add nothing to the health-care debate

Alberta’s Health Minister Ron Liepert finally responded to the misinformation campaign that surrounds the issue of health-care reform.

Red Deer MP’s survey a waste of time, money

Does anyone out there know Earl Dreeshen? Because he bewilders me. Recently, the Red Deer MP has been blanketing the area with requests for voters’ opinions. His latest poll tackles the problem of identification theft.

Cat should not have been on the loose

This is in regards to the man who lost his cat due to a car hitting it. I am also a cat lover and it breaks my heart to hear about a cat dying because the owner did not love it enough to keep it safe.

Police presence appreciated downtown

I would like to personally thank the two RCMP members who were patrolling the downtown beat by foot on Friday, Oct. 2, at around 4:40 p.m., in front of the TD Canada Trust bank.