Government should honour agreement signed with teachers

I am a teacher at a rural high school located south of Calgary. My parents, upon reading the appalling letter from Dale Stuart published on Sept. 25, forwarded it to me.

City deceptive with photo radar

I have to take issue with the City of Red Deer’s decision to expand on its policing efforts, or in a truer sense, layer on another level of taxation through photo radar.

Teachers have no right to compare themselves to nurses

After reading many of the letters sent to the Advocate about the teachers’ dispute with the province in regards to their wage increase for 2008, I had to comment.

Educators work long, hard days

I understand that it might be tough for Stuart to grasp the fact that our teachers are entitled to their negotiated pay increment because he is obviously ignorant of what it means to be a teacher today, but I encourage him to educate himself further before firing off about something he obviously knows nothing about.

Premier wrong about power lines

I don’t know if we need more power lines or not as the information released by all parties is always vague and slanted in their favour and not really a lie and not really honest. Some good bottom-line truth would be greatly appreciated, not only in this matter but for all situations.

Grizzly bear editorial much appreciated

I would like to congratulate Advocate editorial writer Rick Zemanek for his well-thought out and researched editorial on our grizzly bear population.

Letter writer wrong about teachers

Dale Stuart’s Sept. 25 letter criticizing teachers was offensive to me, a retired teacher. Let me enlighten him on a few points.

Teachers have earned the public’s respect

With World Teacher Day (Oct. 5) right around the corner, I felt compelled to respond because professional teachers in Red Deer and Alberta earn, and deserve, the respect of society.

I’ve struggled with addiction to porn

For years I struggled with addiction. I didn’t drink, do drugs or have some kind of chemical dependency. No, I’m talking about a different kind of addiction that we rarely talk about: sex addiction. Or may I say a “porn” addiction, whichever you prefer.

Expressions of sympathy much appreciated

I would like to give my gratitude to the people who have responded to my letter by phone or in person, sharing the same feeling and opinion on this unfortunate death of Max. And a special thanks goes out to Betty, who breeds Manx cats, for offering my family a replacement for free.

Teachers deserve more respect and more support

After reading Stuart’s letter I felt that a rebuttal should be written on behalf of teachers. As a taxpayer, with family members who are in the educational profession, I know that they cannot speak out for themselves for fear of dismissal.

Gerontologist’s efforts helping many people

The Central Alberta chapter of the Alzheimer Society would like to extend a word of gratitude for the work gerontologist Dr. Duncan Robertson and his team has been doing in Central Alberta for the past few years.

Let’s treat our neighbours with respect and courtesy

I would like to look at it from a different perspective. How about, let’s treat our neighbours with mutual respect and courtesy. Like Bolhuis, I too have had the joy of cleaning up after someone else’s furry feline, but it goes above and beyond that.

Provincial government is underfunding schools

The teachers of Alberta are appreciative of the great job with excellent benefits that we are so lucky to be afforded, especially in this horrible time of global recession. As a social studies teacher, that is not something that has been lost on me.

Province should live up to agreement with teachers

Re. Dale Stuart’s Sept. 25 letter, headlined Teachers should work harder and not be such money grubbers:

Health Care needs to be about patients

Across Canada we have been talking — and talking — for many years about the need for change in our health-care system, but we have consistently failed to act to improve the system.

Walking in Red Deer can be hazardous to your health

In May of 2007 I had a heart attack. As part of my continuing cardiac rehabilitation, I walk to work in the downtown core every day from my home in Fairview.

Let’s treat cats like dogs

I think that the new dog bylaw is a good and necessary thing. I cringe when I see dogs loose in pickups and was annoyed when I had to remove my dog from the vicinity of an overly excited, barely controlled pitbull.

Protect wartershed and wild salmon of B.C.

My message to the Liberal government of B.C. is this: Your government has totally ignored the people and seem to be very out of touch with what the people want. You are committing political suicide by ignoring the grassroots movement surrounding the watersheds of B.C.’s Pacific coast.

Good for the police

I was driving south on Hwy 2, on Wednesday, Sept. 16, when I saw a police cruiser with all of its lights flashing!