Teachers should work harder and not be such money grubbers

I cannot believe that Alberta teachers and their union, both public and Catholic, are expecting the taxpayers to bone up a six per cent salary increase for themselves when, not only Canada but the whole world is in a deep recession.

History tour touches public

I would like to sincerely thank the Advocate for the excellent feature on the Cemetery Walking Tours that appeared on the front page of the Red Deer LIFE section on Sept. 9. The photos by Randy Fiedler, in particular, were outstanding.

Cats should not be allowed to roam

I’m writing this in rebuttal to letter writer Wolfgang Janssen, the cat owner who had his pet run down by a passing vehicle.

When a marriage ends, children should come first

In this post-modern age of awareness, equity, fairness and rights, it is refreshing to see legislation reflect the rights of children in divorce, and that of equal parenting. Separation and divorce can be devastating for adults, but it should be completely minimized for the children.

Government should care more about traffic safety

I strongly agree with the letter writer. I owned a driving school in Antigonish, N.S., for 20 years and I was the biggest pain in the neck as far as highway safety goes.

Memories linger

On the 40th anniversary of the graduating class of 1969 of Camille J. Lerouge Collegiate, I extend congratulations and good wishes to all the students who ever attended Sacred Heart School, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Camille J. Lerouge Collegiate with me.

Extra apostrophes rather infuriating

I have an issue with apostrophes: they’re everywhere. It’s almost impossible to find a pluralized word anywhere these days without seeing an apostrophe pinned to the end of it.

Our pet didn’t deserve to die

This letter is intended mainly for the person responsible for taking the life of one of our family members, Max.

A dollar, or 10, keeps society civil

The slightly incoherent “opinion piece” by Michelle Stirling-Anosh: Who do charity drives really help? in the Sept.10 Advocate left me rather perplexed. What, exactly, was her point?

Nature is the best manager of salmon stocks

David Suzuki seems like a reasonable person to me. I do not think he would go out of his way to make a big deal out of something unless he had a good reason.

Lacombe grew out of Barnett farm

Red Deer recently went through the process of developing an inventory of its historic sites. Now a similar project has been announced by the town of Lacombe.

Bill 50 is a tax increase with no public benefit

It is interesting that in these tough budgetary economic times, Albertans are being told to expect significant cuts in health care, education, and a long list of other government services.

Great service from Action Bus

A recent injury caused me to enlist the services of the Action Bus. I was so impressed by the dispatchers and drivers alike during the two months I travelled to medical and other appointments.

Fireflies swarming at the movies

OMG! I LOL at all of the people who can not sit through a movie at any local theatre without checking to see if they have any new messages, TWITTERS, text, emails, and whatever while the movie is playing.

Traffic lights don’t give permission to run people down

While driving home recently I was waiting at the corner of Gaetz and Ross. A red Jeep (with paw prints around the licence plate) was in the left hand turn lane, when a gentleman started to cross while the walk light was on. After he started, the walk light changed to the stop walk light.

Recession no excuse for apathy towards the poor

I’ve been wondering if the recession is not only a reality but also an excuse for employers not hiring and charities and some churches not helping the poor.

Red Deer should license cyclists

According to a group in Red Deer, we need bicycle lanes on our roads. Recently, an Ontario former cabinet minister was charged in the death of a cyclist in Toronto’s Busy Bloor Street area.

Seniors department cares about Albertans

As minister of seniors and community supports, I have met with many seniors throughout the province. I understand the importance of seniors needing to know that support will be available close to home when needed — as is the case when a senior needs continuing care services.

Cyclists should obey rules of road

If cyclists want to be on the road with vehicles, then they need to obey the same rules the vehicles are subject to.

Why not support Lanes for Life?

On Saturday, cyclists will ride the Lanes for Life in support of bicycle lanes in Red Deer.