God is omnipresent and available to everyone

In Saturday’s Advocate, there is often an article by columnist David Yount on religion. I found the one in the Saturday, Sept. 5, paper very interesting. The question was posed: “How do you know that God exists?”

Stirling-Anosh wrong about CIA

Anyone who has ever had the dubious pleasure of reading Advocate columnist Michelle Stirling-Anosh’s recent rationale for torture knows how difficult her articles are to digest.

Increased spending perfectly justified

In recent days and weeks, there has been considerable commentary on and criticism of Alberta’s fiscal situation, with reference to the government spending too much, saving too little and not planning adequately for the future.

Columnist wrong to defend use of torture

I am writing to express my disappointment with the Sept. 1 opinion piece by Michelle Stirling-Anosh, headlined So what if CIA tortured suspects?

No one should have a licence to torture people

I find Michelle Stirling-Anosh’s Sept. 1 article in the Red Deer Advocate to be strongly objectionable.

TV station will be missed

As most of us know, CHCA had its last news broadcast on Aug. 28. The staff gave tributes to some of the longtime news anchors, meteorologists and sports anchors from the past.

Gwynne Dyer provides unique perspective

Re. Aug. 25 Gwynne Dyer column, headlined Al-Megrahi probably innocent: Thank you to the Red Deer Advocate for publishing Gwynne Dyer’s Aug. 25 column regarding the Scotland’s decision to release Al-Megrahi. It provided a perspective ignored in other mainstream media reports.

PETA protest makes no sense

I am a very disturbed animal lover over the front-page picture in Red Deer LIFE on Sunday.

Health stance not reassuring

“Private health care has not been discussed in our government . . . I am reassuring people that’s not part of the plan,” said Minister for Seniors and Community Supports Mary Anne Jablonski in a front-page article in the Aug. 29 Red Deer Advocate.

Assistance appreciated

Thank you to a wonderful couple who attended the Sunnybrook United Church in Red Deer recently.

Jungle Farm well worth a visit

Have you been to the Jungle Farm, between Penhold and Innisfail? If you haven’t, you should put it on your to-do list this fall.

Red Deer unfriendly to pedestrians

It struck me as I walked from my broken-down car to work recently how pedestrian unfriendly Red Deer really is.

Lorna Watkinson-Zimmer wise to oppose Wal-Mart

I must commend City Councillor Lorna Watkinson-Zimmer for voicing her opposition to the expansion of the south Wal-Mart store in Red Deer.

Music festival was wonderful

I recently attended both days of the third annual Central Music Festival immediately north of Red Deer in Stan Norem’s very scenic and suitable natural amphitheatre, enjoying every moment of it, including Friday evening’s cool, damp but delightful performances.

Performing at Central Music Festival was a blast

Sitting on a soft bed of grass, with the sun starting to set while legendary Honeyboy Edwards played his slide and blues guitar and sang in his still smooth at 94 years of age voice, I couldn’t help but think I had been transported to another place and time. I have not yet returned from that bliss!

Many dog owners deluded about their canines

doubt the Red Deer Advocate will print this, but I will say this about dog owners: there are far too many that say “my dog never bites anyone” or chases cattle or kids, or cars. A friend of mine, who is a cattle farmer, had a neighbour whose dog was constantly chasing his cattle. Numerous phone calls were to no avail.

How can we condone leghold traps?

I am appalled by the trapping policies of the City of Red Deer, and more so by the comments made by city officials in the wake of the wire snare incident in which a dog was tangled in a trap at Three Mile Bend.

Husband not allowed during wife’s ultrasound

In our belief, having a baby should be a good, happy time in a couple’s life. The doctor visits were great, both of us were involved. We were included during everything. I was there to hold my wife’s hand through everything and comfort her, even the pap smear.

Democracy? What democracy?

Is Alberta a democracy? Albertans would be shocked at the suggestion that they do not live in a democracy, but that is precisely what I am suggesting.

Thanks to LEADRS program

You may not have realized that when you are doing your errands or driving to and from work, your good driving skills could translate into financial support of some really great groups and programs.