Volunteers must be treated with respect

was amazed to learn that such organizations such as hospital auxiliaries and individuals who volunteer at the hospital complex in Lacombe were mailed a glossy 20-page booklet by Alberta Health Services, entitled Code of Conduct — Standards of Ethics and Integrity for the Alberta Health Services Team.

Cheers to our transit drivers

As someone who has used Red Deer Transit for many years, I feel compelled to respond to this particular letter to the editor. My first comment would be that no system is perfect.

Transit drivers good crew

Tired and overworked is no excuse for rudeness, but sometimes humans just can’t help themselves.

Great reunion

Thanks to the organizers, workers and attendees at the Class of 1964 LTCHS high school reunion recently.

If it seems too good to be true, it likely is

How naive we are. Someone out there is always going to be offering wonderful returns on our money, a “free” weekend in a condo, a trip somewhere or a seminar without charge.

Everyone makes driving mistakes

I have been reading the letters about some of the rude driving in Red Deer and I’d like to add my story.

Freezing nursing jobs is not a wise strategy

The opinion stated in the letter to the Editor entitled Job freeze will worsen nursing shortage in the future echoes the concern of a great many registered nurses who have voiced to the Canadian Nurses Association their distress regarding Alberta’s recent cuts to nursing.

Thanks to everyone who helped with CentreFest

Elvis has left the city, but then, so have the rest of the performers from the CentreFest. The good news is: CentreFest will return next year!

Kidney fundraiser support appreciated

On behalf of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Red Deer and District Unit, I would like to thank everyone who helped make the second annual Cruisin’ for a Kidney held on July 30th a huge success.

Let’s put a stop to all the trouble in Stettler

I have been a resident of Stettler for 15 years and am very concerned about where Stettler is heading.

City should spend more money on public art

I have never before written a letter to the editor, but I cannot stand by and watch our public art policy be slowly withered away by persons who do not understand how the arts enhance our world.

Big Valley officials did their best

I have been reading the news articles about the storm at the Big Valley Jamboree this year, and had to put in my thoughts on the issue.

Public health care must be safeguarded

Whatever happened to government by the people, for the people, and of the people? For example, there were rumours that some helipads would be shut down (eight closed helipads were subsequently granted an interim reopening).

You don’t need alcohol to enjoy summer

For some bizarre reason, summer activities in Alberta are inconceivable unless alcohol is consumed.

Job freeze will worsen nursing shortage in the future

As a registered nurse at an acute care hospital in the province of Alberta since 1988, I would like to call attention to an issue that will have a devastating impact on the quality of health care and patient safety in this province.

When you can’t trust your co-workers

I have heard how the eastern bloc countries used citizens to inform on one another and thereby maintaining mass compliance by creating fear. The government tolerated no criticism and rewarded those who exposed the critics. The accused never had a chance to face their accusers, in many cases they did not even know they had been accused of anything.

Canada’s pork industry needs support

Canada’s pork industry is on the brink of collapse. While Canada’s swine herds have been reduced by over 20 per cent in the last three years alone, economic losses continue.

DARE models a way to make good decisions

The DARE program is designed to teach and help kids make the right choices. DARE stands for: Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

Stop stigmatizing all breeds as dangerous

“Lynda O’Sullivan, 47, has 56 stitches after a male bull mastiff, a large, powerful dog that resembles a bulldog, lunged at her and bit her face on Thursday.” This statement that was made in the paper on July 23, 2009, made me stop in my tracks!

Some of our transit drivers just plain rude

would like to publicly complain about the ignorance and rudeness of most of the Red Deer city transit drivers.