Red Deer’s invisible street signs

My wife and I watched the Westerner Days parade and enjoyed it very much.

A fair act of kindness at the Westerner

My daughter attended Westerner Days on Kids Day with a large group of children from her Summer School Age Camp Program. After spending time at the kids corral, she left the playdough table leaving behind her baggie of $10.

Matchbox fired up to present a new season

On behalf of Ignition Theatre, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who went into making our 2008-09 season an overwhelming success.

What’s with unsigned letters?

I am quite amazed how some of the writers in the Advocate are allowed to not sign their letters with their name.

No law against being naked, is there?

As reported in the Advocate, a man and woman were recently charged with committing an indecent act (CCC, V-173) for being nude in public.

Having a leash in hand is simply not good enough

For those of you who walk your dog(s) on the wonderful city trail system and don’t know what the ubiquitous signs showing a dog on a leash mean — they mean your dog is supposed to be leashed.

Campground staff could do with some hospitality training

I am a lifelong resident of Red Deer and our family has been here since the 1920s. I have always enjoyed the pictures of the Westerner Day’s “arrested” families and seeing them in the parade. It is a fun and worthwhile promotion for Red Deer. However, a recent experience in our city has left me embarrassed.

Don’t take basic rights away from health workers

Under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada, Article 2, it states: “Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: a. Freedom of conscience and religion; b. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and the expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; c. Freedom of peaceful assembly; d. Freedom of association.”

We deserve report results

I read with interest the article in the Red Deer Advocate captioned, Why keep us in the dark? dated June 26. The article that the Advocate refers to can be found on the internet at The Fraser Institute — Report Cards — Hospital Performance.

Recovery will need bold leadership

Is the recession over? The main effect of the recession on Canada so far has been a massive fall in exports with the result of redundancies, mainly in Ontario. Domestic markets, by comparison, have held up surprisingly well so far but this is about to change.

High cost of fast tracking the oilsands

At a recent international engineering conference in Calgary, Peter Lougheed observed that the rapid growth of oilsands development over the last decade resulted in a high-cost economy in Alberta.

Our participants made Memory Walk a success

A big shout of thanks goes out to the participants, sponsors and volunteers that did their part to make the Investors Group Memory Walk a success.

I can’t volunteer in silence

For the first time, I am writing a letter to the editor as I now realize how quickly this freedom can be taken away.

We need more MLAs willing to speak out

Transport Canada says there are no issues that required the hospital heliports to close in seven Alberta communities. Do we believe them or Alberta Health Services controlled by the super-bored? I’m sorry it is supposed to be the superboard.

Ban cosmetic use of toxic pesticides

The Canadian Cancer Society is concerned about potentially cancer-causing substances to enhance the appearance of private lawns and gardens, parks, and recreational facilities. Particularly, when safer alternatives exist and are readily available.

Let’s make recycling easier

I would just like to say that there is a serious need for bottle recycling bins all over Red Deer.

God bless you, bike thief

I had a nasty car accident last year that has left me unable to participate in many of the activities I used to enjoy. I have a very pronounced limp and can’t even manage a fast walk.

Cleaning dog doo off shoes isn’t biodegradable

Quite a few times over the last few years I have noticed that some Red Deer residents let their dogs do their business in some of the cities beautiful parks, without picking it up.

Not so green at the Westerner

Before Westerner Days started — I believe it was the morning of the Westerner Days parade and I was listening to the Morning Buzz on Big 105.5 — they had said that the Westerner Days fair was going “green,” as in environmentally friendly.

Local art is world-class, when we insist that it should be

Councillor Gail Parks makes some interesting points regarding public art policy. However, she may also be raising some alarm bells within the arts community.

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