So much support loaned to Lending Cupboard

I’ve recently announced my retirement and will be stepping down as executive director of the Lending Cupboard on July 31.

Of one mind with award winners

With the reading of the report of the Turtle Awards in the Red Deer Advocate, June 23, came a feeling of pride in the accomplishments of those in the First Nation, Metis and Inuit Communities.

Cartoons about Pope and the Vatican are not funny

I am writing this newspaper to register my disappointment with your paper and its use of editorial cartoons by Patrick Lamontagne.

Bible is far from a book full of facts

Jim, it’s time to click those red-shoed heels together and do a reality check!

Religion has indeed made us better

Now that we have been told by Paul Franck, in a June 25 letter to the Advocate, that “religion has not made things better” and that “we are still barbarians,” I am wondering what we must do to make us better, and also what prompted him to come to a country, replete with such people!

Club needs community in its corner

In regards to the chance to bring TSN and Sportscentre to Red Deer, what a fabulous opportunity for Red Deer to showcase to Canada our wonderful city and provide the Red Deer Boxing Association with much needed funds ($25,000) to renovate its facility and upgrade its equipment accordingly.

Jacko was a zero, not a cultural hero

I am fed up with all the coverage the Advocate and everyone else are giving this so-called king.

Much evil has been committed in God’s name

Let’s start with the fact that a bunch of men wrote the Bible. It is man made and the Bible has been re-written many times over the centuries.

This intravenous needle deposit box is located at Galbraith Park in downtown Red Deer.

Let’s not encourage drug addicts to move here

Recently my dog Sophie and I walked into Galbraith Park (at the 55th Street entrance), as we do most mornings, and noticed a new addition to the park (shown in the photo above).

This intravenous needle deposit box is located at Galbraith Park in downtown Red Deer.

Newspaper article unfair to restaurant

There are a few things that we take exception to in the above article. However, for your readers, we would like to give you a bit of history.

Encyclopedia has answers concerning climate change

Once again, Red Deer Advocate columnist Bill Greenwood struggles to pull the wool over our eyes on the global warming issue by stating that “the Earth has been on a cooling trend since 1998.”

Sundre needs province’s assistance

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated on two occasions, namely the High River flood of 2005 and the Winnipeg Red River flood of 2009, that it was time for governments to work harder to prevent floods from occurring rather than providing compensation funding to municipalities and citizens following these floods.

This must be Red Deer’s silly season

As a “Red Deer-ite,” I’m so pleased that the question has been settled and I can call myself anything I like. It’s an important thing to have out of the way.

Christianity is the only religion that is true

Indeed! Religion cannot make you or me better, but — and this is a big ‘but’ — truth can indeed make us better.

Drug fees unfair to Alberta senior citizens

Most Red Deer seniors received a Seniors Health Bulletin in the mail from Blue Cross, as did all seniors in the province.

Government should assist Alberta farmers

As a lifetime resident of Alberta, I wish to address a problem that our experts will not touch, although they will huff and puff and now they will have a panel of 12 more huffers and puffers appointed by Premier Ed Stelmach.

Read the New Testament

Re. Paul Franck’s June 25 letter, headlined Religion has not made us better:

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation thankful for supporters

Summer seems the perfect time to reflect upon a busy, successful fundraising season and to express our gratitude to the people of Central Alberta.

Canada Day volunteers much appreciated

Thank you to the great people of Red Deer for making Canada Day 2009 a wonderful celebration for the estimated crowd of 25,000!

Ball diamonds will be replaced

Many citizens of Lacombe, over recent weeks, have expressed their concerns regarding the possible relocation of the Kinsmen Ball Park diamonds to allow for cemetery expansion.