Thanks to everyone who helped with Canada Day celebrations

Thank you to Red Deer Mayor Morris Flewwelling for mentioning the need to be courteous of others in his Canada Day speech at Bower Ponds. That was so surprising and I am grateful.

Support for arts

I’d just like to extend a word of thanks to Janet Cole, Vold Audio, all the Art Walk volunteers and the folks who braved the torrential downpours on Friday night for making the third Art Walk movie night a success. As emerging artists, it’s crucial for RDC Motion Picture Arts students and alumni to find any opportunity to share our work with the public and Art Walk provides a unique and wonderful venue for us to do so. Creating a viable market is integral to building a film business in Red Deer and building audience through events like Art Walk is a key way of doing just that. Thanks again to all involved for the opportunity and the help. Jeff Woodward RDC Motion Picture Arts Society President Red Deer

Don’t keep cuts secret

Re: Why keep us in the dark?, an editorial by Lee Giles The Stelmach government is keeping Albertans in the dark on more things than just on health care. Iris Evans projected a deficit of nearly $5 billion with a provision that an extra $2 billion had to be earned or found elsewhere. Therefore, it appears there will be $2 billion in program cuts to keep the deficit at $5 billion. The question is: What programs and which program cuts will be taking place? To date, there has been no specific details on any program cuts, although there is the odd leaked memo the government always seems to deny. Albertans have the right to know where the program cuts will be and when they are taking place. Joe Byciuk Blackfalds

Corportations must be held accountable

On June 20, at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Canada’s Bruce Power LLP Swat Team won the National SWAT Championships for the second year in a row. The Bruce Power Swat Team excelled in a range of multiple events including bus assault, multi-gun shootout and Taser team takedown.

A Canada to be proud of

Recently, Earl Dreeshen, MP for Red Deer, sent around paper Maple Leaf flags for residents to post as part of his campaign to show Canadian pride and patriotism around Canada Day. I suggest some other signs of Canadian pride and patriotism we may also encourage the government of Canada to support.

Private health care – not sustainability – is the goal

Ron Liepert’s goal is to slash the amount of money the Alberta government annually puts into health care. Minister Liepert claims health expenditures are escalating “out of control” and are increasing at an unsustainable rate. This “lack of sustainability” is exacerbated by the politically motivated and fiscally irresponsible elimination of Alberta Health Care premiums.

Old attitudes still exist about north Red Deer

I would like to clarify remarks made in the Advocate on Saturday regarding the revitalization of the area of Red Deer north of 67 Street.

Thanks for supporting Central Alberta Theatre

On behalf of the staff at Central Alberta Theatre, I would like to thank the Red Deer Advocate for its support over the last season.

Walking history tour was wonderful

Having recently enjoyed a walking history tour of downtown Red Deer, hosted by longtime archivist and now historian, Michael Dawe and genial Rod Trentham of MAG, I wish to express my appreciation.

County not a good place for seniors to live

Is Red Deer County a good place for seniors to stay in their own home? I think not.

If cyclists want to use the roads, obey the traffic laws

I’m all for cyclists to have rights to our roads in Red Deer, but they need to follow the laws of the roads.

Week by week, our government is killing health care

I am wondering if I have been like Rip Van Winkle and have slept through the end of last week. I must have missed the weekly nail that our govenment under Ed Stelmach has been pounding into the coffin of our Public Health Care System.

How about some law enforcement this Canada Day?

We are soon approaching Canada Day and the wonderful celebration that happens every year at Bower Ponds that the citizens of Red Deer have come to enjoy so much.

I’m picking a bone with Bill Greenwood

Re. Bill Greenwood’s June 19 column on cars and powerlines, headlined Left-leaning groups miss hard reality:

Thanks for supporting Reel Movie Mondays

Reel Movie Mondays, Red Deer’s own Independent Film Series, thanks all our local film supporters for another fantastic season.

Citizens have a right to health information

It is not often that we the Central Alberta Council on Aging (CACA) agree with the Fraser Institute and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Religion has not made us better

I can well understand the reluctance of letter writer Rev. T.L. Leadbeater (Advocate, June 16) to credit my criticism of organized religion (Advocate, May 15) with some degree of validity.

Letterman’s joke wasn’t funny to me

So Giles thinks Palin should lighten up, eh? He believes in freedom of speech, eh? Well, try this one on for size.

It would be sad if city loses TV station

I need to voice my concern and my disappointment about the potential demise of our local television station in Red Deer, CHCA.

Sentence too lenient for driver in fatal crash

Help me understand how someone can be driving under the influence of alcohol, kill a young girl, run away from the accident, tell people his vehicle was stolen and, when finally apprehended, refuse to provide a blood-alcohol sample.