My son’s bicycle was stolen recently

My 11-year-old son was out riding his bike with two friends this past Saturday afternoon when they decided to go into the Deer Park Dairy Queen for a snack.

All-terrain vehicle driver damaged our lawn

I’m writing in to thank the person or persons who decided that our lawn, along with others on our block, needed a facelift.

Game ranchers are to blame for spread of disease

Frank Kuhnen’s letter in the June 13 issue of the Advocate was the second from the elk farming community concerning the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Alberta’s wild deer and like the first, it attempts to absolve the elk and deer farmers of all responsibility for this increasing disaster for our wildlife.

North Americans should consume less

As North Americans, we are constantly consuming.

There is no need to waste so much gasoline

We are two Grade 10 students from Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School. Throughout the semester our Social 10 honours class has been studying globalization, and as our final project we have to show to what extent we respond to it as citizens.

Thanks for supporting the Red Deer Walk for ALS

The first planning meeting for the sixth annual Red Deer Walk for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) started on an ominous note when, on the same day as the meeting, the Advocate ran a story about charities being devastated by the slump in the economy.

It’s time to limit profane speech

I am writing in connection with Sylvan Lake’s planned offensive against gutter language in public places.

Perhaps our MPs should take a pay cut

Considering the public flak the British Parliament is receiving over their MPs’ high salaries and lavish perks they are taking advantage of in harsh recessionary times, I am wondering if we should also be taking a long deep look into member of Parliament incomes and expense accounts in Canada.

Let’s teach kids how to garden

I live in the Normandeau area in an end-unit townhouse. It has a lot of front yard space and on it I maintain a beautiful garden for everybody’s pleasure.

Organized religion doesn’t deserve so much criticism

I think that most people would agree with letter writer Paul Franck that religion, politics and race can lead to misery, and that it has done so in past times, but it is much less in the present — although there is still room for improvement!

Column about beef missed the mark

The Internet is rife with blogs and opinions and anyone reading them is free to form an opinion knowing that the articles reflect a certain bias and may not be totally accurate. However, when a columnist writes in a respected newspaper, even under the heading “opinion” there are many who may mistake parts of the article as factual.

Cattle industry needs marketplace fairness

It is time for the federal and provincial governments to step up to the plate and fix the deplorable crisis in the cattle industry.

Most of our beef is produced here

I am writing in response to Michelle Stirling-Anosh’s June 3 column, headlined Why is our beef coming from out of the country?

Canadians could learn a lot from Brits

Canadians take note, Gordon Brown, English Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, has been forced to apologize publicly on behalf of MPs from every political party in the Commons because of a huge parliamentary expense claims scandal.

City of Red Deer officials doing a great job

On behalf of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), I want to congratulate the City of Red Deer for demonstrating appropriate and responsible use of funding received through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI).

Farmed elk not responsible for spread of disease

As an elk farmer here in Alberta, I am writing to dispel misleading information about our industry, specifically inferences that farmed elk are responsible for the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Canada.

Thanks for supporting Friendship Centre fundraising event

As most people are aware, the Friendship Centre building has been lost due to fire.

Albertans should be charged user fees for health care

We have an excellent health-care system in this country, but I believe it is being misused — especially when I hear it expressed, “Go to the doctor or go to emergency, it does not cost anything.”

Maybe the recession is a big fat myth

I am having a really hard time accepting that we are currently experiencing a recession.