South Africa government should provide funding

I read with interest the recent Associated Press article, headlined South Africa sees hope on AIDS as condom use increases, having once again spent the month of March volunteering with an agency Dibanani AIDS Project www.dibanani.org.

Strong-willed kids must be given caring discipline

Question: I want to manage and lead my strong-willed child properly, but I’m afraid I’ll break his spirit and damage him in some way.

Thanks for stealing wallet

I’d like to thank the person who walked off with my wallet, which I inadvertently left at a checkout machine at Red Deer’s Superstore on June 2.

Why didn’t police lay any charges in Red Deer pellet gun incident?

Re. June 11 Advocate story, headlined Pellet gun results in arrests in Maskepetoon Park: As someone who has firsthand knowledge of this situation (I called it in), I am ticked off at what the final outcome was.

What happened to free speech?

I guess the police chief and town council in Sylvan Lake don’t realize we just had the 65th anniversary of D Day.

Perhaps it wasn’t the marathon runners who were rude

Miriam Sweet-Wright complains in her May 27 letter to the Advocate that marathon runners were rude to her at Three Mile Bend.

Stelmach fails to see the future

The oil industry loves the Alberta government. Ed Stelmach is the best premier oil money can buy, without a doubt.


I won’t vote for Alberta’s Tories in the next election

Shortly after Ed Stelmach was selected to lead Alberta’s Conservatives, I had problems with certain statements about health care that bothered me — so I wrote the premier a letter about it.

MLA Cal Dallas isn’t fooling me

I was surprised and disappointed to see the paid advertisement in Thursday’s Advocate, placed by Red Deer South MLA Cal Dallas, apparently honouring seniors.

Vandals stole statue from memorial garden

In the gardens of the little house near Rotary Park is located a special memorial garden for those who have passed on from motor neuron disease (ALS, PLS, etc).

Scammell’s attack has no merit

Like other Albertans across the country, Alberta elk ranchers are committed to doing the right thing for our province’s future. We are proud of our families, the unique products we produce and the role we play.

Now we know where the bank profits come from

Regarding Advocate story: BMO cuts 1,100 jobs after Q2 profit sags 44 per cent to $358M; beats expectations

Paid to make us sick, paid to make us well

It bothers me that the government appears to have an agenda that they did not discuss when they cancelled the premiums for Alberta Health Care.

Special people require special care programs

I would also like to respond to the Red Deer College’s decision to discontinue the Disability and Community Studies Program, (also expressed by Lawrence Cardinal and Lily Breland)

Let’s be Red Dearies

I think the citizens of Red Deer should be referred to as Red Deeries, an appropriately affectionate term for the friendly people here. Donna Stinson Sylvan Lake

Positive news on services

Regardng: Turning a new page in the journey to comfort people

The few spoil things for all of us

In reply to Bob Scammell’s outdoors column Thursday May 28, Bob you should get your facts straight. All ATVs must be registered and insured which costs approximately $300 to $400 a year.

People in wheelchairs enjoy fishing, too

I am writing about an incident that happened on May 28. Our son is a paraplegic, as well as a double amputee. He loves the sport of fishing and gets his licence each year, which costs him $26, as well as a Winn card that he must get every five years.

Desperate need for caring trained professionals

I, too, am saddened to hear of RDC’s decision to discontinue the Disability and Community Studies Program (DACS).