Government should fix farm economy

According to Canfax numbers, Canadian livestock farmers received about 24 per cent of the retail value of beef in the mid 1990s; that percentage has gone down to about 16 per cent nowadays.

Canyon Ski Area purchase bad for taxpayers

Why do I get the idea this is just another white elephant waiting to happen?

Alberta seniors being ignored by government

Alberta is a dangerous place for seniors. Consider some events over the past year.

Thanks to reporter, Red Deer College

Thanks to reporter Lana Michelin at the Red Deer Advocate, for her work in the advance publicity, and a tip of the hat to Red Deer College for hosting its Seven Days in May writer in residence.

Bad dates list for sex workers is good idea

Sex work and injection drug use are among the most risky behaviours worldwide. The harms associated with these behaviours can be minimized through harm reduction principles.

Marathon runners were rude

This letter is addressed to at least three rude marathon runners I encountered Sunday, May 17, morning. When you rest up and set out of your zone again, please consider this question: Just how and why am I supposed to keep four dogs out of your way, on half of the trail, or off you, as you trot through their off-leash park? Miriam Sweet-Wright Red Deer

Keep smut out of newspaper

The Advocate’s recent news story, headlined Bad dates list compiled for sex trade workers, provided an Internet address for CAANS that would have readers encountering an image of a woman’s naked breasts.

Mother of four died needlessly

A vibrant 38-year-old mother of four died needlessly in March of this year. She would be alive today if the health-care system had not failed her.

Ignatieff is not just a visitor

I have a question about the time threshold for when you stop being a Canadian and become “just a visitor.”

Input costs too high for Canadian farmers

Wake up Canada. While people are out there rallying to save the prison farms, I feel most people are missing the biggest lesson to be learned in all of this.

Money may not solve problems of the disabled, but caring will

In regards to the article about the Disability and Community Studie program being dropped at RDC.

Alberta government should be more afraid of us

I realize that I am a bit late, but I would like to respond to Ed Tatarnic’s letter of April 18, titled Alberta votes Tory no matter what.

Foreign worker deserves another chance

I am writing this letter in regard to your story carried in the Advocate, Caregiver sent home.

It’s mean to deny hog producers a bailout

In the article, Giles says that consumers have the right to eat whatever they want and even though pork is safe to eat, people can choose beef, chicken or whatever.

Tories’ online nuclear consultation is good enough for me

I read the editorial about two weeks ago but only recently read the expert panel’s report and completed the online survey. I thought both were quite good; they seemed reasonably comprehensive, balanced and objective.

Closures have already started

I travelled to Hanna on Mother’s Day weekend, where I learned that a dear family friend had received a letter from the Southern Alberta Renal Program informing him that the kidney dialysis unit Hanna would close May 25. This was not done with any consultation with any of the stakeholders.

Tory reassurances about health care far from convincing

The Central Alberta Council on Aging has grave concerns about recent government actions on health care in our area.

Generosity appreciated

As the owner of a downtown business, La Petite Jaune Fleur, I led a campaign to provide Mother’s Day Gift Baskets to mothers housed at the Central Alberta Emergency Women’s Shelter. We collected product and gift certificates and prepared gift baskets for the mothers in need.

No need to panic over health rumours

It is important, as your MLAs, to clarify recent reports of rural hospital closures.

Olds Hospital wonderful

Having heard of the pros and cons of our medical system, I thought this would be good opportunity to tell my personal experience with the system.

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