Auto workers not to blame for industry’s economic problems

Recent negotiations with Chrysler have given the impression that their major economic problem is the cost of labour and the solution is to cut salaries. Although this tactic seems to have been successful, the real problem is that North American companies have not been selling vehicles.

Family treasures stolen in Red Deer

Hello, my name is Kimberly Merrow, I am a U.S. citizen who is living in Alaska. Two months ago, my husband lost his job and with no prospects of work in the lower 48 we moved to Alaska for a job and a chance to be able to make it.

Save the world, ban nude dancing

Thank you Audrey Jensen and Barb Tanner for showing me the light. It’s not that I’ve “overlooked” societal problems, it’s just that I have been so misguided in my beliefs and actions.

Bill 44: another government disaster

Alberta’s PC government has opened the quintessential can of worms in what can only be described to be an incompetent attempt to comply with a Supreme Court of Canada ruling.

Religion, politics and race all lead to human misery

Three fundamental social forces divide humankind and preclude harmony: religions, politics and race.

Whoever gives, takes

I happened onto a quote of Thomas Jefferson’s that fit our Alberta Government to a “T” because that is what they are trying to do. It goes as follows: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” Pat Wagner Red Deer

What’s the real tax bill?

Last Dec. 3, Red Deer County director of corporate services said the 2008 county tax bill was $30.2 million. He further stated the county anticipated collecting $32 million in 2009. On Apr. 3, Red Deer County said they now needed $33.3 million and that was an increase of $2 million over 2008!

Cleanup needed

The City of Red Deer has reached a milestone as it is 20 years since the train bridge was converted to a walking bridge through volunteer efforts.

Future of Riverwalk idea rests with citizens

As chairman of the former Red Deer Chamber of Commerce Tourism Development Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the purpose and the objectives of our committee.

Landlords taking advantage of tenants

I am only saying what many other renters are thinking: that with the way the economy is right now to be charging astronomical amounts for rent is just outrageous!

Enmax to build nesting platform for ospreys

If you have travelled east on Hwy 595 toward Delburne in the last three years, you would have had the honour of seeing nature at her best. We have had the privilege of watching two generations of ospreys nesting, hunting and teaching their young to do the same along the highway.

We must never be grateful for the slave trade

Having carefully read Julian Hudson’s article in the April 21 issue of the Advocate, I agree with him in respect to his claim that religion plays an integral part in cultural excellence, especially with regard to literature, art, music, architecture and also the establishment of schools and universities (which he does not mention).

Alberta elections must be monitored to ensure fairness

Re. Ed Tartarnic’s excellent letter concerning Albertans voting like sheep for the Conservatives: I agree, but there may be more here than we think!

Schools should teach abstinence, not how to engage in sex activities

Re. April 21 letter from Sean Burgess, headlined lt’s stupid to deny students information about sex:

Nude dancing responsible for all manner of evil

In her April 30 letter, Pamela Parker stated she laughed until she cried about letter writer Audrey Jensen’s comments concerning completely nude performances in bars.

Cultural superiority is not a helpful concept

Re. April 21 letter from Julian Hudson, headlined Religion integral to cultural excellence: Throughout history different cultures have expressed the belief that they were superior to all others.

A park is a park, until it’s gone

I guess you’ll think I’m a sentimental type but I’ve just seen the ads for “Creekside Estates” and I’d like to say a fond farewell to a piece of land we thought was a park, but will be covered in homes.

Collaborating for a stronger community

There are times when reality just asserts itself and we end up in situations that appear worse than they really are. It’s in these times that the true nature of community is tested, people rise to the occasion, and we grow stronger.

Lacombe County council should make a decision

Lacombe County council hopes to make a final decision on May 14 concerning the highly controversial Highway 2A Urban Corridor Area Structure Plan, which has been ongoing for several years.

Dessert gala a sweet success

In a world where “not enough-ness” is the urgent global message, hunkering down for dark times looks like the right strategy; yet, it is the direct route to true impoverishment.

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