It’s time to move Red Deer’s cenotaph

Doug McNeely, secretary-treasurer for the Korean Veterans Association, would like Red Deer’s cenotaph moved to City Hall Park. That’s a great idea. It makes sense.

Can’t a person negotiate prices?

I have been a resident of Red Deer for quite a while now. My family enjoys living and working here.

Whoever said parenting would be an easy job?

As usual, I sat down recently for dinner with my lovely wife and my trusty copy of the Red Deer Advocate.

Enough complaints about exotic dancers

Please, I beg the Red Deer Advocate to stop giving letter writer Audrey Jensen a platform for her 10-year ongoing argument about the strippers at our Alberta establishments.

Sex-change operations a waste of our tax dollars

Universal health care, which was started in Canada by Tommy Douglas, is one of the hallmarks of Canadian society.

Evils of secular humanism must be exposed

Recent news out of the University of Calgary shows how ugly is the secular humanist philosophy when it inadvertently reveals itself.

We must stand up for the environment

There is simply no more time for procrastination. We should urge our governments to act on environmental issues and the economy now.

Annual tests for prostate cancer still a good idea for older men

A big, big dart to the Advocate for this article. I can just visualize men all over Central Alberta glancing up from their evening papers and saying to their wives, “See that prostate exam you want me to go to.

Go ahead and laugh at me

Thank you, Pamela, for stating you found my letter entertaining. You did, indeed, bring out some salient, worthwhile points about my comments re. totally nude performances in bars — which made your letter entertaining as well.

Parking a problem at Bower Place

Employees at Bower Place Shopping Centre were recently informed that they will not be able to park on mall property during the peak Christmas season.

It’s time to round up whoever is killing horses

The killings of 2007 and 2008 were almost behind me. I had almost forgotten. Then recently, on April 28, the killer struck again.

Perhaps it’s time for Harper to step down

My family is distraught after travelling to Mexico about a highly possible pandemic of swine flu that could harm us physically; a pandemic that might make the bankruptcy of Chrysler appear minor in its ability to destroy our economy.

Lacombe County doesn’t want public to know intentions for Sylvan Lake

I am writing regarding Lacombe County’s “informal” policy that prevents videotaping of public hearings (Apr 24, “Controversy erupts …”).

Government just won’t lead

There is simply no more time for procrastination. We should urge our governments to act on environmental issues and the economy now.

Preserve city’s downtown icon

I have just learned that the City of Red Deer is calling for tenders for the demolition of The Arlington Inn.

Special thanks to a great neighbour

n this terrible time, with so much corruption going on in this World and even I our City of Red Deer, it is nice to see that we still have wonderful citizens and neighbours who are out there, looking after people in need of some kind of care.

Government still in blinders

The Advocate View April 28, entitled Lessons in Democracy was welcome recognition of the efforts made by seniors, health, public interest and research organizations to highlight flaws in recent seniors’ pharmacare and long term care proposals by the Alberta government.

Support CF Foundation

Residents of Central Alberta are often asked to support a variety of worthy causes and fundraising initiatives.

People should be outraged

Time to wake up everyone. I just read about the government cutting back on secondary education funding. Great, what’s next? Seniors, students, non-profits, where do you go from here Mr. Stelmach?

Thanks for your donation

The 18th Morrisroe Scouts would like to thank David Mah, owner of X-Static, for his donation of $1,500 that went towards purchasing six pellet rifles, 2,000 pellets, six safety glasses and targets.