Administrators must take lead in combatting school bullying

Like a herd of cattle being ushered through a chute, students push their way through the crowds into the gymnasium, making their way to find a seat beside their friends.

I read, I thought, I laughed out loud

I, too, used to be “horrifed” by some of Audrey’s letters. That was many years ago when she was writing letters to the Stettler Independent, something that she still does.

It’s about more than the loss of our bears

In 1981, I captured, radio-collared, and released my first grizzly bear in a little drainage called Stoney Creek southwest of Grande prairie. Over the next five years I and my crew made 44 captures of 28 different grizzly bears.

Who spiked the purple Kool-Aid?

The new buzz-word around the province is “purple Kool-Aid.” Alberta’s landowners and other opponents of the contentious Bill 19 and other undemocratic legislation are using the term to refer to Progressive Conservative MLAs’ drunken support of the bill.

Premier Stelmach bad for Alberta

Don Getty is a lot brighter than Premier Ed Stelmach. Stelmach is like a lost sheep being led by his cabinet ministers and they, too, are lost sheep.

Furniture aid program running short of money

Katch 22 was established with the hope of assisting the many women and children with the necessities for a chance of improvement in their lives. Working in the community with a variety of agencies in Red Deer, we have found there are many people from all walks of life, who are in need of assistance.

Online advertisements not always legitimate

I would like to share my experience with fraud on the Internet in hopes of preventing this from happening to anyone else.

Electronic cigarettes legal in U.S., but not here

The Red Deer Advocate published an article on electronic cigarettes (e cigs) in the April 20 edition.

Leaving a youngster in a vehicle can be a dangerous mistake

Recently, I drove into the Alberta Motor Association parking lot and pulled up beside a vehicle with a little boy, about 18 months old, left inside all by himself.

Domestic violence must not be tolerated

In the last few months our community has been shocked and saddened by three horrible incidents of serious criminal domestic violence.

Red Deer County tax increase is absolutely outrageous

A recent newspaper article, headlined County to collect $2 million more in taxes, has raised my concerns.

Health-care system better in Canada than in U.S.

I am a student at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School. Our Grade 11 social class has been taking a look at the issues of health care. We’ve learned that Canada’s universal health-care system is better than the one used in the United States, known as the user-pay system of health care.

Drivers courteous here in Red Deer

It is simply amazing. Let me explain. I am a retired person living on Spruce Drive

It’s stupid to deny students information about sex

I was absolutely horrified recently to read a letter from Audrey Jensen, headlined Provincial education: stay away from sex.

Religion integral to cultural excellence

I believe that at the time of discovery the Europeans had the superior cultural system. I would add that, as far as I can see, they still do have the superior culture. But why is it that European or western culture is so far superior to all others? The answer is to be found in the religious beliefs that lie at the base of all culture.

Irresponsible dog owners leaving behind disgusting mess

I am a new resident to Red Deer after living in Calgary for 25 years. Recently I took my two year-old and newborn out for a walk along the trails in our Oriole Park West neighbourhood.

New pharmacy plan discriminates against seniors

With reference to the new “Pharmaceutical Strategy” and senior health care in Alberta, I have many major concerns.

Thanks for turning in my wallet

I lost my wallet on April 28 near Blockbuster on the East Hill. It had all my possessions in it, including my school identification, Blockbuster card and money. I searched all over for it but had no success, and pretty much freaked out.

Secular humanists offer hope

In response to Jim Swan’s letter Secular humanists — they’re everywhere, published in the Advocate on April 14, I would like to submit the following. Unfortunately, Swan is misinformed as to what secular humanists believe.

Cenotaph deserves a better location

I am wondering when or whether the cenotaph will be relocated from 50 St. in Red Deer. It is a shame that it has remained on a very busy thoroughfare where no one can view it properly. It is a work of art.