I’m one happy lottery winner

If I am understanding Julian Hudson’s letter (Cultural success is not a lottery) correctly, the reason the aboriginal population was displaced from the majority of their lands was because we made better use of it through our superior intellect. Perhaps they were comfortable with the fact that they had managed to coexist with their world as it was and not procreate themselves into a world of large cities, polluted waters, strip mines, smog and pavement.

Alberta votes Tory, no matter what

I find it amusing when I read letters in the Advocate of how “angry” people are at the provincial Conservatives.

Vigilantism exists: we call it vandalism

Greg Neiman writes about the “actual participation in vigilante-style justice” in the west being pretty rare. “There’s so little support for citizen action here, that Red Deer can’t even keep afloat a chapter of the Guardian Angels.

Try soaking your feet: not a good sales pitch

On a recent shopping trip to Red Deer I entered a shoe store and immediately a young lady inquired as to what I was interested in.

Big oilfield money is a trap

I am a journeyman carpenter by trade. I have been in the oil field for the past 10 years for the money.

Tell your MLAs their new drug plan is a step backward

The recently released Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy outlines some major changes to our health care system. If you have read it carefully, you likely feel the same sense of outrage as I do.

What is accomplished? What are the costs?

I was surprised by the Advocate’s reversal of previous support for the war in Afghanistan in a recent opnion piece. The reason: Afghans are not respecting our culture’s view of women’s rights.

Super board, super remuneration

Alberta’s Super Health Board members were appointed last year at an annual honorarium of $40,000 per annum, plus out of pocket expenses.

Bill 19 is so evil, the devil burnt himself reading it

It appears that Jack Hayden is not telling the truth about Bill 19. For example, in the Legislature on March 17 he said: “Advanced consultation will be mandatory.” That’s nice. But ERCB-style escape-hatch words make it OK not to consult.

Stigma keeps HIV incidence secret

Re: letter to the editor: Man guilty of murder by HIV This legal case is definitely a significant step within the legal concerns relating to HIV/AIDS within Canada.

Great memories of minor hockey

After 20 years in minor hockey, this is my last. How sad. I will truly miss every second, every parent, every player, and every single thing about minor hockey.

Carbon dioxide sequestering could work, if we did the research

I have been a Liberal in Central Alberta for decades and during that time I have researched greenhouse gas sequestration. I travelled to different municipalities, universities, research centres and conferences, (on my own time and dime) to develop plausible and viable methods to sequester CO2.

Free, universal health care is better

I am a student at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School. In our Grade 11 Social Studies class, we have been studying the issue of health care.

We have nothing to fear regarding multiculturalism

In his letter damning Canada’s concept of multiculturalism, Don Munro wrote that many other cultures practise “stupid traditions, persecutions, radical religions and unstable politics.”

We train leaders to build community

Further to your article of April 8: Doors opening for new leaders, The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta had the privilege of partnering with Central Alberta Immigrant Women’s Association to facilitate this training event for newcomers to Canada.

Don’t pick up ‘strays’

To the fellow who picked up my dog: I would just like to thank the person(s) who so kindly picked up my dog from a service road in between Olds and Didsbury on March 25. You dropped him off at the Red Deer pound and he has since been adopted.

Secular humanists: they’re everywhere

Finally, someone has the courage to appeal an Alberta Human Rights Commission decision to a real court of law.

Don’t trample parental rights on moral issues

The inclusion of protection of the province’s human rights law is being proposed by Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett.

Cultural success is not a lottery

Did the white man win some kind of racial lottery as is suggested by Advocate columnist Michelle Stirling-Anosh? I think not.

Just wait, I might not vote Tory next time!

Concerns of an Alberta citizen: Richest province in Canada? Years of excess surpluses, the economy turns bad and within a very short time record deficit; where did all the surpluses go?