Beware of overseas scam artists

I write this letter to help unaware citizens understand the ease with which persons in far-off countries can destroy one’s financial well-being, even though their initial gesture to them was an act of kindness.

Servus CEO’s bonus outrageous

As I picked up the Advocate on Saturday, I was for a lack of words, appalled at the content of an article about the Servus CEO stepping down.

Good service often overlooked

In response to recent comments in the media about the lack of customer service available these days, I’d like to stand up for those of us in the business.

Tories should be ashamed

I was appalled recently to receive a charity request from the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton.

Health procedure makes no sense

I have been taking blood clotting tests for more than 15 years. At first, I just went to a lab and there was a standing order for my test.

Two-for-one sentencing credit ridiculous

Lawyer Patty MacNaughton should think twice before making such statements about draconian law concerning the two-for-one credit given criminals for so-called dead time spent in remand or jail prior to being found guilty of some crime.

Flavoured tobacco should be outlawed

The impact of flavoured tobacco on our youth deserves immediate attention from provincial government officials.

Bottle drive thanks

I just want to thank the people of Deer Park for their support. On Saturday, April 4, we had a bottle drive. I was amazed at the generosity of people with their bottles and cash. This is what makes Red Deer such a great place to call home. The kids had fun meeting new people and seeing who collected the most bottles. The money raised goes to a great cause and brings kids and parents together in a fun environment. Thanks again, Deer Park. Rael Lynn Red Deer 24th Beavers

Multiculturalism is the policy or practice of giving equal attention or representation to the cultural needs and contributions of all the groups in a society.

Let’s dump multiculturalism

I have never liked the term multiculturalism applied in our country. It implies that we do not have a Canadian culture.

Multiculturalism is the policy or practice of giving equal attention or representation to the cultural needs and contributions of all the groups in a society.

For the sake of peace, impose very strict gun rules

When will we open our eyes and realize that guns are instruments that bring misery, destruction and death to innocent people.

Life in oilpatch is not easy

Betty, I do not know you but thank you for writing your letter. I have never been an oilpatch worker. However, my two brothers spent their entire working lives in this industry and now I have three nephews and two nieces working for the oilpatch.

Seniors’ home sacrificed

I felt compelled to write to you to express my disgust with our current provincial government.

Arlington plans lacked insight

On Monday, I had a date with city council. Several months of intense letter writing, one month of petition gathering, three months of research and interviews, approximately 60 pages of university-level evidence later, and over 100 phone calls all around North America, all came down to 20 minutes in city council.

Volunteers make a big difference

This year, National Volunteer Week takes place from April 19 to 25, and the Canadian Cancer Society would like to take this opportunity to give volunteers a heartfelt thank you for saying “I will” and dedicating their time and energy to the fight against cancer.

Justice is better in the United States

The list of charges against Brian Knight, of Tees, with respect to his alleged “vigilante-justice’” actions, are a prime example of the difference between Canada’s freedom laws and those of the United States.

Public health care is dying a slow death

When the government of Alberta recently proposed its new drug plan, it emphasized the benefit to low-income seniors.

Oilpatch workers deserve respect

To the person with no sympathy for “uneducated” oilpatch workers (comments from the Advocate’s website reprinted in the newspaper): You are uneducated to think that. Men and women who work in this field take certain courses and often have to have a Class 1 or 3 licence, so hiring school kids does not take place.

Something is wrong

Alberta health superboard members recently gave themselves a 25 per cent salary increase (up to $50,000 from $40,000 for part-time work).

It’s time for Lasiuta to give up hobbyhorse

I am writing this letter as a previous owner of the Arlington, Inn for seven years, beginning in 1997.

Seniors should share concerns

I am dismayed and disappointed to find that our minister of health is planning to bring into effect a new method for the purchasing of pharmaceuticals for seniors, over the age of 65 years.