Property rights respected by province

The government of Alberta will respect all existing property rights under all laws in Alberta.

The government of Alberta will respect all existing property rights under all laws in Alberta.

Our government is no longer simply correcting false criticism of legislation, including the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA, formerly Bill 36). The rhetorical ante keeps getting raised. Now, regrettably, we have entered the realm of the absurd.

In a recent letter to the editor of the Advocate, Joe Anglin is trying to frighten Albertans.

I appreciate the opportunity to restate the facts:

Albertans’ property rights are found in common law and in legislation, like the Expropriation Act and the Municipal Government Act.

ALSA does not have the right to amend or cancel a land title or freehold mineral right.

All Alberta laws and regulations that provide for appeals are in place.

All existing rights to compensation under Alberta laws are protected.

Premier Ed Stelmach said the government would review ALSA and the Land Assembly Project Area Act (formerly Bill 19) to ensure that the wording in the acts reflects the intent.

The government is going to make sure that misunderstandings about the Alberta Land Stewardship Act will be clarified.

Anglin is correct about one thing. Cabinet members will be touring Alberta and talking about the changes. I also want to emphasize that land stewardship legislation is required to help us plan for our future. It is our responsibility as government to provide infrastructure for a growing population and manage activities that affect the economy, environment and those who inhabit that particular area.

We continue to grow and Albertans have asked us for the Land-use Framework’s approach for co-ordinated, long-term planning that clearly states provincial economic, environmental and community objectives.

This legislation will help us develop regional plans to meet our province’s future needs, and we will do that in consultation with Albertans.

Mel Knight


Sustainable Resource Development