Stelmach, team carry blame for health disaster in Alberta

An open letter to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach:

An open letter to Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach:

I really hope that informing you that our Alberta Health Services is a mess isn’t required but just in case you haven’t figured that out yet, please be so informed.

I am so pleased with the colossal mess you and your ministers have created with our health care that I have decided to send you a box of cookies.

There are 10 packets of two cookies per packet in this box of cookies. Two packets for each as listed to Premier Stelmach, Dr. Stephen Duckett, Ron Liepert and Mary Anne Jablonski. There are also four packets of salt for you to be able to salt these cookies down and take them with a grain of salt. The remaining two packets are for Gene Zwozdesky and are without salt as I don’t feel he was a part of this super colossal mess but is saddled with the task of trying to repair the damage.

Please save these cookies for the upcoming Grey Cup event, which you had no business sponsoring to the tune of over a million dollars, so you can enjoy the game with my tax dollars and also enjoy the cookies I sent you. Don’t forget the salt.

Finally, Mr. Premier, please quit blaming everyone for things that go sideways or totally wrong. Look in a body sized mirror and you will clearly see the image of the person responsible.

I really hope we can create a huge revolt against this government, especially about the mismanagement and direction you and your government have taken our health-care system and our seniors care.

AHS should be called “all health suspended” and CEO should be re-named “cookie entitlement officer.”

If you would give me the opportunity and time, I would drive to Edmonton to talk to you so you would know exactly how the ordinary, hard-working, taxpaying people of Alberta feel. I would like to bring two or three people with me if a meeting is granted, but I will come alone if so requested. Take a chance with your life and talk person to person with some ordinary people.

By the way I’m a 75-year-old senior citizen and I worked until I was 73.

Taxpayers are very demoralized.

An early reply is requested and time is of the essence.


E.T. (Tom) Skoreyko

Red Deer