We should be free to be Jackasses

Why must our “democratic” society be so much like a dictatorship? Why are we not able to notice this on a day to day basis?

Why must our “democratic” society be so much like a dictatorship? Why are we not able to notice this on a day to day basis? As “free” human beings we should literally be able to wake up in the morning or whenever you choose to wake up and do whatever you desire provided you do not infringe upon others rights.

Why do we place unnecessary restrictions upon ourselves, the restrictions I’m referring to include “crimes” such as smoking marijuana or even choosing to put on your seatbelt. Both have no effect on anyone else, yet we seem to have the need to regulate it.

I must say that it is clear in my mind, the government doesn’t care about your “safety,” they truly care about money and greed. They will reach into your pockets for you and pull it out if they have to, all in order to keep you “safe.”

I propose, out with that old way of robbery. Time to create legitimate ways of making money, or better yet stop wasting what we have of it. (Referring specifically to the iron rope along Hwy 2 that if you hit it, you will be slingshotted back into traffic).

Generating revenue does require time and strategic planning of weighing positives against negatives. With the “old” plan (I would like to say its in the past, but that’s up to us still) it seems the idea was create laws that are fronts for safety and really are a cash grab until the blindfold over the eyes of humanity is removed.

A comparison I would like to make involves the movie Jackass. In this movie, created by people who like to have fun and in the end, made millions. They never hurt anyone who did not agree, yes, they were “Jackasses” but they were “respectful Jackasses.”

I was in court recently and I realized some of the actual Jackasses are essentially in charge of what regular people can and can not do. I went in to court that morning as what I would like to call a neutral person, or non-bias. This judge was so uptight he actually threatened aloud to arrest a young man for simply wearing his hat, not an obscene hat, but an obscene judge.

I fail to see the logic behind this, if we are truly free, should this be a problem? Further, if the young man had chosen to put his hat on, what would be the repercussions? Jail time? What grounds does this judge have to validate wasting tax dollars for no more reason than “ I can.”

More frustration, why does this judge not feel the need to earn respect? Respect comes and goes, who put him so high up? Sure he has the lawyer skills and experience but what good is that when you are so far out of touch with your human skills?

Note: I was in court for possessing one of the only illegal plants on Earth, fined $500 for restitutions, who’s hardship am I looking after?

Patrick Parenteau

Sylvan Lake