Get healthy through exercising

We all know the importance of exercise, but are you personally convinced of its extremely important benefit to your body?

We all know the importance of exercise, but are you personally convinced of its extremely important benefit to your body?

This may seem like a silly question with the endless media focusing on the benefits of exercise. However, hearing something and actually buying into it and doing it yourself is a different story.

Just like we all know drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water per day is healthy, but do we all do it?

Taking vitamins offers health insurance and a stronger immune, but do we take them everyday? There are many things in life that we know ‘we should do’, but we don’t place at a high enough priority and therefore it gets overlooked.

With the longer and warmer spring days here, what better time than now to begin an exercise regime.

A simple daily brisk walk increases your cardio and is the safest place to begin. After the first couple of weeks when your body becomes conditioned, add another form of exercise; some free weights to strengthen basic muscle groups, or swimming, gardening or cycling.

Follow any of the above with some stretches to improve flexibility.

If you are unsure of what to do, there are many online fitness websites that provide actual programs to follow, or preferably meet with a personal trainer to set up an individual program for you.

Exercise at a pace that is comfortable to you without comparing yourself to others.

Taking an electrolyte replacement drink during heavier work-outs helps to keep you hydrated when it’s hot and helps the body recover faster.

Anything new should be started slowly and remember to listen to your body.

If a particular exercise makes you sore, then give yourself a couple days rest before repeating. Sore muscles do not necessarily mean you overworked, it can also mean you just used a different muscle group than you usually do and those muscles need to be strengthened.

I am currently doing some triathlon training and find eating a small protein snack before beginning my work-out helps to balance blood sugar and set me up for success.

During exercise I drink an electrolyte replacement drink and in between activities eat a half protein bar for sustained energy level and blood sugar regulation.

My recovery is plenty of water, rest and a healthy light meal with protein.

The purpose of exercise is to use all muscle groups keeping them flexible and strong.

The cardio being very important for a healthy heart, cholesterol, blood sugar and burning calories. Our bodies were made to move, make sure you are moving yours in a healthy way everyday.

Soon an exercise regime will become part your healthy lifestyle including a diet rich in fiber, raw fruits and vegetables and protein.

Make a choice today to become more active and remember if you “don’t move it, you’ll lose it!”

Lacombe freelance columnist Judy Holt is a wellness consultant and author of 1 Potato, 2 Potato, Couch Potato to You.