Goal setting tips for spring and summer seasons

With the spring season around the corner, some of you are already thinking about what goal setting you should be doing for the months ahead.

  • Apr. 16, 2015 8:41 p.m.

With the spring season around the corner, some of you are already thinking about what goal setting you should be doing for the months ahead.

If you’ve put on a few pounds over the winter like most people have, getting leaner so you’re ready to wear those summer clothes and swimsuits is likely a part of your goal set.

But, before you make getting ‘beach ready’ your goal, there are a few important things to know.

Here’s what to consider:

Set an appropriate time frame

First, make sure that you set an appropriate time frame in which to reach your goals. If you have 20-plus pounds to lose before summer arrives, you aren’t going to be achieving this goal in three weeks flat.

Give yourself more time. Always allow for a little more time than you realistically think you’ll need. Almost always, life happens and before you know it, you’re not only schedule any more.

Having some built-in leeway will ensure that you don’t get discouraged.

Find a workout that works for you

Next, as you go about picking your goals, also be sure that you pick a workout that works for you. If the workout you’ve selected to help you reach your goals is one that you just can’t stand, the chances that you reach that goal are slim to none.

If you can’t find any workout in that goal set that you like, perhaps it’s time for a new goal.

For instance, if you have the goal to participate in a triathlon but aren’t so fond on swimming, like it or not, you will be swimming regardless of the plan you use. Instead, consider another event.

A marathon might be more up your alley.

Set aesthetic and non-aesthetic goals

Finally, also be sure that you set both aesthetic goals as well as non-aesthetic goals. With the summer season coming, it’s easy to get wrapped up in how your body looks, putting all the attention there.

Since you’re worried about hitting the beach, it’s only natural that the greatest objective you have right now is to improve how you look in that swimsuit.

But this goal may not be so long-lasting. You’ll find your motivation starts to teeter and soon, you’ve fallen off the bandwagon.

Try having some non-aesthetic goals that are important to you as well. This could be having more energy on a day-to-day basis, improving your heart health, or simply gaining more self-confidence when you see what your body can do for you.

Having a balanced set of goals will be far healthier and help ensure that you are sticking with it over the long haul.

So there you have some key points to remember about goal setting in the months ahead. Set smart goals and you’ll be off to success.

Cabel McElderry is a local personal trainer and nutrition coach. For more information on fitness and nutrition, visit the Fitness F/X website at www.fitnessfx.com.