Jesus loves the naughty, too

A new booth at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show is guaranteed to raise eyebrows.

A new booth at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show is guaranteed to raise eyebrows.

CrossRoads Church has partnered with ministry to tell visitors and vendors at the sex show that Jesus loves them.

“We’re not the stand outside, megaphone-type of people. That’s not us,” said Amanda Carrasco, team leader for Canada with, from British Columbia, on Thursday. is a Christian website that aims to help those with pornography and sex addiction. The ministry targets consumers and people in the adult entertainment industry.

Volunteers will be at the show that runs from today to Sunday at Westerner Park, handing out 2,500 free small Bibles.

Carrasco said some people will likely steer clear of the booth. “Usually it’s curiosity and confusion at first. Then when we explain what the message is, we’re really well received.

“We’re not there preaching and yelling at them. We just we want them to know that Jesus loves them regardless,” said Carrasco, who will be in town for the show.

At past Taboo shows in Red Deer, vendors have sold everything from sex toys to lingerie, with workshops and seminars.

She said when pro golf star Tiger Woods came out about his sex addiction, it opened people’s eyes, and she said that pornography is a growing problem with the Internet.

“We’re not here to shut down the (porn) industry or take away people’s rights. If people want to continue to view it, it’s totally their choice. It’s up to them.”

But there are resources available to help people deal with their addictions, Carrasco said.

The triple-x ministry attended sex shows in Vancouver in 2009 and 2011. But Red Deer is the first place in Canada where a local church has partnered with to help fund the effort and recruit volunteers for the booth.

Judging from the Vancouver shows where 3,700 and 2,500 were given out, the Bibles should go quickly in Red Deer, she said.

“It’s interesting. You wouldn’t think people at a porn show would be interested in the Bible. But they really are.”

The Canadian chapter of is run by