Missing $11K ring found stuck in couch

The $11,000 wedding ring lost last month has been found, to the relief of its owner.

The $11,000 wedding ring lost last month has been found, to the relief of its owner.

Julie Oberg of Red Deer found her missing ring in her home on Friday night. She had reported the ring stolen after a session of hot yoga at the Amaryliss Centre in downtown Red Deer on March 14.

“I just feel so stupid now,” said Oberg, who had left the ring — attached to a watch and earrings — in a deep, inside pocket of her coat along with her cellphone while doing yoga.

Oberg’s husband, David, found the ring, made of white gold and a three-karat sapphire and diamonds, in their couch. Oberg figures it must have fallen out of the pocket and into the couch when she was taking off her coat and reaching in for her phone.

As soon as she found it, Oberg called Shauna Clark, owner of the Amaryliss Centre, to apologize.

“I have a lot of compassion for the whole ordeal. . . . It’s never nice to lose such a meaningful valuable and I’m grateful that during the whole time Julie never once stopped coming to the centre,” said Clark.

The Amaryliss Centre has had over 5,000 people walk through its doors since opening over two years ago, said Clark. In that time, nothing has ever been stolen, even though the change rooms don’t have lockers.

“Everyone in the studio was shocked that a theft had possibly occurred,” she said. “The studio is such a safe and positive place where people come to heal and be open. I’ve spent a lot of time making it that way.”

Previous lost valuables have been found and turned into staff, including an expensive ring that a cleaner found, said Clark.

“Once, someone found $800 cash and handed that in to be returned,” she added.

Turns out that atmosphere of openness and trust was never lost at the Amaryliss Centre.

“Oh, I definitely plan to continue going,” said Oberg. “It really is such a safe spot — I’m just not going to take my ring, that’s for sure.”

The studio has since put up signs in the change room reminding people they are responsible for their own belongings.