Two years in prison for woman who lured senior man into severe assault

A judge granted a defence lawyer’s request to send a woman to federal prison on Thursday.

A judge granted a defence lawyer’s request to send a woman to federal prison on Thursday.

Leona Haggarty, 27, who has been in jail since Jan. 21 for breaching release conditions, received a two-year term when she appeared in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench on Thursday. She was convicted earlier of an assault on a senior.

Patty MacNaughton, representing Haggarty, told Justice Sheilah Martin of Calgary that her client would be best suited to spend time in a federal jail as opposed to a provincial institution.

MacNaughton said Haggarty has addiction and personal problems, which would be better addressed by more extensive federal jail programs.

“She won’t get the help she needs in a provincial jail,” MacNaughton said.

Crown prosecutor Murray McPherson, who had asked for a 12-to-18-month term, later joined his colleague in suggesting the two-year term.

“Sentencing is a delicate balancing act between various goals,” Martin said.

She also said she was “troubled” by the fact Haggarty hasn’t expressed any remorse even when she had a chance to address court on Thursday.

Haggarty, who will be on a year’s probation following her release, said she will spend the year at a treatment centre in Kelowna.

Haggarty was convicted in early December at trial for her role in the severe beating of a 73-year-old Red Deer senior on Jan. 16, 2008.

The man suffered a badly broken arm, head cuts and a concussion.

She was convicted of being a party to the beating by encouraging the attacker to kill the victim with an iron bar.

The victim had attempted to retrieve his stolen wallet and was lured to the attack spot by Haggarty, who knew the thief and said she could get the wallet back.

The attacker was never charged.

Martin said the victim’s impact statement indicated the attack “ruined his life.”

He has “flashbacks” of the attack and lives in fear and has decided to retire from work because he’s physically unable to work as a water well driller.

Haggarty was jailed again about a month ago because while on release she violated conditions about drinking alcohol and a curfew.