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Westerner Park, Neeralta Manufacturing unveil new signage

Stockmens Pavilion has been renamed to Neeralta Pavilion
Westerner Park's Stockmens Pavilion has been renamed to Neeralta Pavilion. (Contributed photo)

Westerner Park's Stockmens Pavilion has a new name.

On Monday, Westerner Park unveiled the new Neeralta Pavilion signage. The Pavilion is named after Neeralta Manufacturing, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Neeralta’s directors, John and Rob Wierenga, joined Westerner Park officials for the unveiling ceremony.

"It was great to meet John and Rob Wierenga from Neeralta in person," said Shelly Flint, Westerner Park CEO.

"Their values as a corporation, centered around innovation and efficiencies, are truly inspiring. Their passion for agriculture aligns perfectly with Westerner Park's mission, and we are genuinely excited for what is to come with this partnership."

Neeralta Manufacturing, a leader in grain handling equipment, embodies a spirit of innovation and dedication to enhancing agricultural efficiency, states a Westerner Park media release.

"With roots stretching back 40 years, Neeralta has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in farming technology," the media release said.

"The renaming of the Stockmens Pavilion to the Neeralta Pavilion is more than a change of name; it symbolizes a union of shared values and a commitment to community and agricultural heritage."

"This partnership is set to bring about new opportunities and advancements, further cementing our role as a vital hub supporting and advancing the agricultural industry. As we celebrate this partnership, we look forward to a future filled with innovative projects and community engagement. Together, Westerner Park and Neeralta Manufacturing are poised to make a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape, both locally and beyond."

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