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5 reasons to experience authentic Mexican food in Red Deer!

Well-prepared Mexican fare can be a delicious journey for the tastebuds, when freshness, healthy ingredients and unique spices combine for a a flavour fiesta!
The natural ingredients, healthy options and great value are all perfect reasons to try the authentic Mexican Food at Guac Mexi Grill in Red Deer.

Well-prepared Mexican fare can be a delicious journey for the tastebuds, when freshness, healthy ingredients and unique spices combine for a a flavour fiesta!

We asked Raj Multani, owner of Guac Mexi Grill in Red Deer for the top 4 reasons to experience their authentic Mexican food:

1. Natural, quality ingredients

At Guac they ensure their food is made with all-natural ingredients and free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives so you’ll experience the freshest flavours. They use only 100 per cent grain-fed chicken, Canadian triple-A beef and authentic Mexican spices, and take no shortcuts in preparing the food they serve.

“Because all of our ingredients are free of preservatives, it’s important to do our best to use our fresh food within a 24-hour window,” Multani says. “For example, no matter the volume we do in a day, we try to plan and prep our veggies so that our guests are always getting ingredients that were made fresh.”

2. A fiesta of flavours

A delicious array of menu items like enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and tacos and desserts are prepared in a way that ensures guests are getting an authentic Mexican food experience.

“We carefully marinate our meats overnight, using a blend of real Mexican spices,” Multani says. “And our veggies are always fire-roasted, producing a delicious charring that’s far tastier than just cooking them in the oven.”

3. Vegan and Gluten-free options

Multani says he understands that many of their customers might have preferences or food restrictions that can make it hard to find a place for great-tasting Mexican food.

“We have tons of gluten-free options, which of course includes all of our marinated meats – the spices are all gluten-free, as well as our guac and salsa,” Multani says. “The burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos and salad bowls are all gluten-free, giving you lots of options.

“Any of our regular items can also be made vegan using our plant-based crumbles, and each of the vegan items comes with free guac!”

4. Great value

The plentiful portions of many of their dishes provide hungry customers with great value, satisfying any appetite – big or small.

“We often have customers comment about how even our small and regular burritos and bowls are giant!” Multani says. “We don’t limit the amount of toppings for these items – if a customer asks, we just add more. We focus on both high-quality and value, which makes for very satisfied guests.”

5. Great deals

Mexican food lovers can take advantage of the Guac Loyalty Card, a simple, old school loyalty collection with no email or phone number required. Collect 10 stamps for a free burrito – start earning rewards today!

Don’t miss Toonie Tacos every Tuesday at Guac Mexi Grill, featuring beef and bean and veggie tacos. “It’s one of the best deals in town, and a great way to try our flavours!”

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, use SkipTheDishes for delivery or pick-up, or stop by the restaurant at 90 Thorburn Ave. for a flavour fiesta!

For those with dietary restrictions and preferences, the menu at Guac Mexi Grill has many delicious gluten-free and vegan options.