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A must-try new addition for your communication toolkit!

From improved communication skills to increased self-awareness, learning hypnosis skills is a great way to support both your personal and professional life.

From improved communication skills to increased self-awareness, learning hypnosis skills is a great way to support both your personal and professional life.

“Hypnosis skills can allow you to become an expert communicator, while teaching you to better read and understand people, and improve your rapport skills,” explains Trisha Fuller, a hypnotist with Hypnosis for Health and Happiness in Red Deer and Camrose, and hypnotist trainer and mentor with the Master Hypnotist Society and Master Hypnotist Society Canada. “And if you’re in sales it will help you understand how to deliver what your clients need and want.”

Many professionals can benefit from the use of hypnosis, such as massage therapists, nurses and realtors, Trisha says. 

”If you’re in a career that puts you in contact with people, then hypnosis skills can help,” she says.

Beyond supporting your professional skills, hypnosis training can also support you as a parent, spouse and friend. You can help others reach their goals or help them discover creative solutions to resolve their problems.

Discover how hypnosis works, for you

Combining science and art, use hypnosis to harness your own personal potential and growth, Trisha says. You’ll enjoy hands-on, experiential learning that lets you understand what hypnosis is as you experience and do hypnosis during training.

“This course was especially valuable in providing hands-on experience with a variety of hypnosis techniques and skills, and the opportunity to create changes in myself – I learned a lot about myself that I never knew before,” says graduate Karen. “It was nice to not spend the whole time taking notes. I also greatly appreciated the intimate group setting and informal teaching style geared to personal student growth.”

Training varies according to your individual needs, but an admissions interview will help determine the appropriate training for you. Programs range from 16 hours to 60 hours of in-class and hands-on learning. Options include:

  • Basic Hypnosis
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
  • Perceptioneering
  • Advanced Life Skills
  • Life Enhancement Skills

Inspired by her personal triumphs with hypnosis, including quitting smoking and hypnotic childbirth, and her nine-year practice, Trisha founded the Canadian Hypnosis Academy, providing training and mentorship opportunities based on philosophies of the Master Hypnotist Society.

“You can learn to help those you care about most, but this is also a unique opportunity to better your relationships, improve your personal confidence, increase performance skills or to take your career to the next level…the choice is yours!”

Curious about becoming a hypnotist or hypnotherapist? In addition to dynamic training, personal and professional business mentorship and coaching is also available to help you to develop a successful hypnosis business. Learn more at

And to learn more about how hypnosis might help you address issues such as anxiety, stress, quitting smoking or weight loss, visit or call 403-33-HYPNO (403-334-9766)

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