Trisha Fuller, from Hypnosis for Health, shares four keys to successfully realizing the goal of reaching a healthy weight.

Trisha Fuller, from Hypnosis for Health, shares four keys to successfully realizing the goal of reaching a healthy weight.

Ditch the yo-yo: 4 steps to reaching those wellness goals

The main reason people fail at their current weight loss programs is remembered from their previous dieting failures. They are fearing how they failed before, and this fear when focused on creates the present and future realities.

This is called negative conditioning. You experienced failure several times, now you expect to fail again.

That is referred to as “habit of failure” or “failure expectancy.” What is expected tends to be realized. Whatever you focus on is what your mind creates.

The seven steps needed to eliminate this unwanted conditioning are:

  1. Notice specific problem areas
  2. Outline why problems exist
  3. Set reasonable goals
  4. Outline plan of change
  5. Take action to make the plan happen
  6. Reward yourself (not with food! – that’s your old model) with fun, adventure or relaxation!
  7. Check your progress, and alter plan if needed

Be positive when you define your weight loss goals. Focus on what you desire rather than what you want to get rid of. If you catch yourself saying “I don’t want —-!” Your mind will fixate on what you don’t want and give it to you because the “don’t” is irrelevant. Example, “Don’t think about a dog.” I bet you thought about a dog, even though I said don’t! Keep suggestions and goals positive, eliminate negative words like don’t, can’t, won’t and shouldn’t.

Specific goals are like suggestions or affirmations that your mind can cling to. Make them present tense as though they are currently true. “I am” rather than “I will be.”

Keep goals and suggestions simple and well-defined. The more complicated you make the actions and activities the less likely you are to keep the habit. In the past you have taken actions until you reached the goal. These diets often had extreme limitations and rules that weren’t manageable in normal lifestyle. The goal is long term, sustainable actions that are easy to keep, making healthy weight permanent.

4 Factors that are Essential for Success

  1. Belief – Belief is our only true reality. Whatever you believe is true, is true to you. Belief dictates what you feel is right or wrong…possible or impossible. Belief is a choice. If you choose to believe weight loss is difficult, it is. Believe weight loss is easy and fun and it becomes so. Discard all doubts about your success and create a POSITIVE BELIEF SYSTEM. Know what you need to do!
  2. Commitment – Your commitment to your weight loss goals creates the motivation necessary for achievement. Your commitment is the foundation for the development of purpose, persistence, and patience. Commitment is the first step. It leads to the most important factor for success …which is the next step.
  3. TAKE ACTION – The results will and do happen only as you take the actions necessary for success. The more you take the actions the more they become automatic! Like learning to walk, in the beginning it took focused attention, now you can run!
  4. Feel good about it! After you have taken action, check in about how it feels good. In the past you would decide how you felt about something before you did it, the feelings prevented you from taking the next steps. Actions FIRST. Feelings second.

The Most Dangerous Element To Weight Loss Success

Complacency indicates a negative belief that success is unachievable. In all probability, your past attempts at weight loss failed because of complacency. TAKE ACTION NOW instead of being complacent.

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Trisha Fuller, Master Hypnotist/Trainer

Article concepts from Scott McFall and Master Hypnotist Society curriculum.

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