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Dream Home Lottery supports Central Alberta’s children

Fundraiser to help build advocacy centre’s child abuse prevention programs
From left, Art Anastasi, President and CEO of Abbey Platinum Master Built and Board Member of Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre, Terry Loewen, Vice-President of Abbey Platinum Master Built, CACAC Board Chair, with Mark Jones, CEO of CACAC.

Mark Jones has a dream for Central Alberta’s children, and it’s one you can help make come true.

With a new building in the works and a partnership with Red Deer College, the CEO of the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre envisions a world where research and prevention lessen the need for intervention where children have been abused.

“We do a lot of intervention work, and we want to start developing the prevention piece,” Jones explains. “Having our new building on college grounds and working with Red Deer College will allow us to develop prevention programs and conduct research into best practices about preventing abuse and better supporting Central Alberta children.”

For those who have been abused, “if we can reach kids earlier, in their formative years, with mental health supports, play therapy and other treatment opportunities, we can lessen the impact of related issues like mental illness, addiction and homelessness that can often accompany childhood abuse.

  • Since November 2017, the centre has worked with 392 children from newborn to 17 years old, in communities throughout Central Alberta.
  • Cases have involved sexual assault, exploitation, physical abuse, neglect and medical child abuse.
  • 62 per cent of children have concerns such as mental health, substance abuse, suicidal ideation or attempts, and aggression.

Dream Home Lottery makes dreams come true

Here’s where you come in.

The Child Advocacy Centre’s Dream Home Lottery is a major fundraiser from which all proceeds will help Central Alberta children.

Some 65 sponsors and 41 trades have contributed to the dream home – a beautiful, fully furnished $1.5-million+ new home by Abbey Platinum Master Built. There’s also the chance for a Split 50 worth up to $500,000 (tickets are 1 for $10, 10 for $25, and 25 for $50); a 2019 GMC Cadillac; Signature diamond ring; fuel for a year and more!

And don’t miss your chance at early bird prizes!

The deadline for the early-bird draw is fast approaching, with prizes of $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 drawn Jan. 31!

By purchasing your chance to win some of $1.8 million in prizes, you’re supporting the not-for-profit organization that works with children, youth and families impacted by sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect.

The Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre is built upon collaborative partnerships with agencies that separately do good work, but when together are strongest – greatly reducing the number of times the child has to retell and relive their trauma.

“Our message is be brave and give,” Jones says. “It takes a huge amount of bravery and courage for children to come forward. It also takes bravery and courage for their families and for our front-line workers.”

It too takes courage from a community to stand up and support this often silenced issue, and it is because of many strong and courageous supporters that the CACAC exists today.

The vital services of CAC’s have been recognized by many governments, with a large push for responsive care. The CACAC joins the Zebra Centre (Edmonton), SKCAC (Calgary), Caribou CYAC (Grande Prairie), Little Bear LSAIC (Lloydminster) and over 20 more CAC’s Canada wide in the initiative to end child abuse.

“This is an invisible thing – like mental illness – people don’t like to talk about it,” Jones says. “But we need to make the invisible visible, and make it OK to have these discussions.”

Get your tickets today!

Tickets are $35 each, three for $75, eight for $150 or 15 for $250 (ticket purchase deadline is 11 p.m. March 10, for the March 27 draw). Buy online at, call 1-833-475-4402 or visit the house, 57 Larratt Close, Red Deer.

Learn about the Child Advocacy Centre at, on Facebook and Twitter.

The Centre also welcomes volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of local children! Email

This beautiful $1.5-million+ new home, built by Abbey Platinum Master Build, is the grand prize in the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre’s Dream Home Lottery. Jeff Stokoe photography