Egress windows are installed in required rooms and meet specific measurement requirements to correspond with the Alberta building code.

Egress Windows: Which window style works best for homeowners in Red Deer?

If you’re engaged in building new construction or simply doing a home renovation, safety should come first. Egress windows are used as escape routes in case of any emergency, so it’s vital to have these units available within your house. Moreover, they should be installed according to your local building code and be of the correct sizes, styles and shapes, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

So today, this post will tell you everything you should know about egress windows and how to choose the best models in Red Deer. Interested? Read on to learn more!

Egress Windows 101

Egress windows are not entirely different from windows you’ve had before. They’re simply usual casement or sliding windows but installed in required rooms and meet specific measurement requirements to correspond with the Alberta building code.

Popular Window Styles Available for Egress

As you have probably guessed, not all window styles are allowed to be installed as egress windows, but the list of available options is still decent. As for now, homeowners in Red Deer can consider the following egress window styles:

  • Casement windows – Hinged on the sides, operating similar to standard doors. They are the most energy-efficient models and always come as a middle ground for homeowners on a budget.
  • Hopper windows – As a rule of thumb, these models are usually installed for basements, and only top-hinged hoppers are allowed to be used for egress. While this window style is popular among Red Deer homeowners, it should be of precise size, so if you already have a hopper window, you might need to consider replacing it with a larger unit.
  • Sliding windows – Sliders are horizontally oriented windows that glide along the track to be open and closed. They would be an excellent choice for new homes with modern designs and better insulation since sliding windows are inferior in energy efficiency to casements and hoppers.

Egress Windows Installation According to Local Building Code: Essentials

All egress windows have to be of specific sizes to meet strict building code requirements. In Red Deer, those requirements are as follows:

  • Window size. It must be at least 0.35 m2 (3.77 ft2 or 543 in2). Moreover, it does not apply to the entire window but only to the opening size;
  • Opening dimension. The width or height must be at least 380 mm (15 in);
  • Easy operating is required. No keys or other tools to operate your egress window.
  • Egress windows for basements that are partially or entirely below ground level require a window well that protrudes at least 760mm (30 in) from the window.

How to Choose the Best Egress Window?

With so many options on the market today, choosing suitable units may be troublesome. That is why we recommend dealing with a reliable window company to consult you on what works best for your project. But here are some of the most common things to keep in mind when purchasing a new egress window:

  • Correct measurements according to the local building code;
  • Energy Star label for maximum energy efficiency;
  • Suitable window style for egress;
  • Professional window installers to correctly install your preferred units.

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