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Fresh, fire-roasted and filling! What makes this local Mexican fast-casual restaurant stand out

Red Deer restaurant owner treats his customers ‘just like my family’
Raj Multani and the team at Guac Mexi Grill in Red Deer invite the community to come by and find out for themselves just how delicious and filling the food is, served in a welcoming and clean environment.

When Raj Multani opened Red Deer’s Guac Mexi Grill in September 2022, he wasn’t straying far from the type of business his family had been in for years.

“My dad opened one of the first Indian restaurants in Red Deer called Indian Flames in 2008,” Multani says. “I helped him with managing the restaurant for the local Red Deer community. He taught me a lot about the restaurant business at an early age.”

Multani says although his family transitioned into other businesses after selling the restaurant – he worked for a bank for a period after college – he was soon drawn back to the restaurant industry.

“I decided to invest in a Guac franchise because they have a good system and good food that is extremely fresh!” Multani says. “I also chose Mexican food because the spices are very similar to those used in Indian cuisine.”

A visit to Guac Mexi Grill will take you on a delicious journey of flavourful classic dishes like burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and salads – all prepared fresh, with their signature in-house made meats, salsas and sauces.

“What sets us apart from other Mexican restaurant chains is the fact that 98 per cent of our items are made from scratch, using raw ingredients,” Multani says. “When people come into the restaurant they say they love the aromas coming from the fire-roasted veggies we use in our salsas, and all the meats that we spice and cook in-house.”

The menu also boasts Mexican and Canadian desserts, vegan and gluten-free options (with an online Nutrition, Allergen & Gluten-free Chart) and a full catering menu.

“The family and I tried it out for Christmas dinner and it was amazing!” exclaims happy reviewer, Daniel. “We had chicken fajitas and beef and been burritos, with nachos and churros. It was all very good. Very clean, with fast service and big portions. Hands down best Mexican food I’ve had in town!”

Multani says he hopes people in Red Deer can find time in their busy schedule to come by and find out for themselves just how delicious and filling the food is, served in a welcoming and clean environment.

“Growing up my mom taught us the importance of cleanliness, and to always clean up after ourselves. I think that has translated into how I run my business,” Multani says. “I treat my customers just like my family, who are all big foodies. If I can make them happy, I’m sure I can do the same for you!”

Follow Guac Mexi Grill on Facebook and Instagram, use SkipTheDishes for delivery or pick-up, or stop by the restaurant at 90 Thorburn Ave. to take a delicious journey!