Above: Conceptual 3D rendering of Capstone at full build-out.

How Capstone’s past is shaping its future

Red Deer’s vision for Capstone is taking shape

Red Deer’s first multi-family, master planned community is taking shape in Capstone, an urban neighbourhood with deep connections to both our past and future.

Here, the City of Red Deer has worked with international urban design firm Gehl and collaborated with local partners to create a holistic vision for this community of the future: a thoughtfully designed, 91-acre riverside neighbourhood of urban homes, businesses and beautiful natural spaces. Once complete, Capstone will welcome 5,000 residents in 2,000 condominiums and townhomes, along with convenient commercial and office spaces, all within easy access of the city’s Historic Downtown and destinations north or south.

Capstone Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The road to where Capstone is today is long and storied. Once a First Nations meeting place, it was later a midpoint respite on the Calgary and Edmonton stagecoach trail, before trains replaced the wagons sometime later.

Also home to a commercial-scale sandstone quarry producing stones used to build some of Red Deer’s most prominent buildings such as the Greene Block/Holmes Drugs in Historic Downtown, and the ‘capstones’ that adorned them, the quarry’s prime location – and its legacy – remain.

In 2009, the relocation of the City’s civic yards opened the area to redevelopment, and the vision of a vibrant, mixed-use community where the next generation of Red Deerians can live, work and play was created.

Making that vision a reality began with the City’s bold investment of $42 million (to date) to make Capstone developer-ready. This meant upgrading utilities and services, constructing the Riverwalk pathway, completing road improvements, landscaping, improving parking and reimagining the community’s gathering spaces. All of this was important to attract private capital and bring investment into Red Deer.

Vehicle and pedestrian access from the region has also enjoyed significant improvements, and with the nearby Red Deer Regional Hospital slated for a major expansion, one can begin to see a future where Capstone becomes the heartbeat of a modernized downtown Red Deer.

Above: Conceptual 3D rendering of Capstone Park, the first multi-phase condominium project in Capstone

Above: Conceptual 3D rendering of Capstone Park, the first multi-phase condominium project in Capstone

The future of community awaits

Today, the vision of Capstone is getting noticed and is taking shape. In October 2020, the City announced the sale of the first developable parcels within the community, to Brad Remington Homes, for a multi-phase, condominium project called Capstone Park. On March 6, Red Deerians were welcomed into the Capstone Park sales centre (www.capstonepark.ca) to view the residential stylings and to learn more about the community’s revitalization.

With its existing recreational and retail offerings, Capstone is transforming into a 21- century community. A ‘people first’ neighbourhood where public spaces, urban homes and commercial services are literally on your doorstep. A community of social innovation and inclusion. Where young and old will interact and bring new energy and vibrancy to this once forgotten community.

Be Capstone Curious. Follow the revitalization of our community at liveincapstone.ca, where you can watch a video of the planned community.

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