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How to Get Calm Now!

By Trisha Fuller
Trisha Fuller, from Hypnosis for Health, shares how changing what you’re doing with your body can help change your mind if you’re feeling anxious.

By Trisha Fuller

Do you sometimes get consumed with anxious, panicked, or nervous feelings?

Take control fast with these quick tricks!

Changing what you’re doing with your body helps change your mind.

Begin by rating your feelings on a scale from zero to 10, with zero being completely calm and 10 extremely struggling and needing medical help.

Now, begin with a few techniques and notice how each takes you backwards to zero and being calm.

1. The Milking Motion Technique – This is very quick. Many clients who’ve struggled with phobia responses, anxious feelings, nervousness from flying, driving or stage fright have used this as one of their tools to maintain control.

Open and close your hands as though you are milking a cow. One hand, then the other. They must be done separately to stimulate each side of the brain at different times. (Added bonus if you imagine that you are milking a cow while doing this!)

Many clients feel substantially less stressed just by doing the milking motion. Don’t think about it. Just do it and notice the difference. Allow yourself to begin to believe you can change and fix those feelings. The first trick is literally at your fingertips!

2. Bilateral Brain Stimulation with hand pass – Hold an object in the middle of your body, arms straight out in front. Take the object out of the middle with your right hand. Keep the left arm in the middle and take the right arm out wide. Bring the object back to the middle. Pass to the left hand, keep the right arm in the middle, and take the left arm out to the left side. Bring the object back to middle and repeat for several repetitions and notice how it really is challenging to think or worry while doing this.

3. Eye Roll Technique – Roll eyes up looking at third eye or the middle of your forehead as if there was a moon in the middle of it, while doing 5 to 10 belly breaths or box breathing (breathing techniques described below).

Take arms out wide to the sides. Put index fingers up. Widen your peripheral view, with eyes gently rolled to see both index fingers at the same time. Bring arms slightly in, until you can see both left and right index fingers. Focus and notice the wide view.

Slowly bring index fingers in together to middle, following fingers to middle with eyes, slowly narrowing the peripheral view as the arms come to centre, arms still stretched fully in front of you.

Bend arms, bring fingers in from centre in front, inward to your nose. Following your fingers with your eyes. Now you have your eyes crossed, looking at your fingers on your nose. Bring fingers down the bridge of your nose.

Close your eyes, bow your head, take 5 to 10 more belly breaths or box breaths, then open your eyes and notice how good you feel!

4. Breathing Techniques:

  • Belly Breaths – Take a breath in, while expanding your belly like a giant balloon, then exhaling through your mouth like you’re blowing out a candle.
  • Box Breathing – You do the same belly breathing while doing each part for the count of 4: Breathe in, count to 4 while blowing up your belly, hold for 4 counts, blow out through your mouth like blowing out a candle for 4 counts, and hold again for 4 counts.

Both types of breathing make you breathe all the way down to the bottom of the lungs, expanding the diaphragm fully. These techniques effectively decrease stress hormones just through proper breathing!

The success with any tricks… is deciding to take action and do them! Practitioners can teach you the most magical tricks, but if you don’t do them, they can’t work.

Be proactive and decide to use tricks sooner, rather than waiting to see if the feelings are going to pass. It’s a lot like weeding the garden. It’s far easier to pull a weed when it’s tiny, than to wait until it is large and has a giant root system!

For more tricks, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis tools please reach out to discover how these tools can help you with a Free Screening. Call now for your Free Screening to see how hypnosis and NLP, and coaching could help you!

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