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Meet the Cap Citizen: curious, engaged and enthusiastic

Innovative Capstone community takes shape
Capstone is a walkable riverside community close to Red Deer’s Historic Downtown that at completion could be home to more than 5,000 people.

What defines a community? More than a location or a collection of buildings and infrastructure, a community is about the people who live there.

So when designing a community from the ground up, it’s important to do it in a way that resonates with potential residents. To do that, you must get to know them.

The City of Red Deer knew this was essential when planning Capstone, a walkable riverside community close to the city’s Historic Downtown that at completion could be home to more than 5,000 people.

Comprehensive research was undertaken to define potential future community members. Consultants Stone Olafson surveyed potential residents from across the region and province and learned that a full 55 per cent of Red Deerians and Central Albertans surveyed said Capstone was an ideal place to live or that they’d consider it; an additional 27 per cent said they’d visit the community often or occasionally.

Cap Citizens are socially engaged, active people.
Cap Citizens are socially engaged, active people.

Meet the Cap Citizen

So, who is the potential Cap Citizen? The research revealed some interesting details – useful as The City and developers begin marketing the community. The two groups who said they’d be most likely to call Capstone home were young people at the start of their careers, and active retirees.

Taken together, the essence of the Cap Citizen was born from these two groups that on the surface seem quite different but actually enjoy several similarities: social people engaged with community, active people who love nature and enthusiastic people with an affinity for culture, all connected by the overarching trait of curiosity – they’re inquisitive learners who like to discover, explore, learn and experience.

It’s for these Cap Citizens that the City of Red Deer collaborated with acclaimed urban design firm Gehl to design a people-first, human-scale community, carefully crafted to enhance connections between Capstone, its neighbours, the river and downtown. Rooted in a passion for nature and culture, the design focused on public spaces and lively streets connecting vibrant residential areas into a cohesive and innovative community.

The new Canada 150 Square, located along Riverwalk in Capstone.
The new Canada 150 Square, located along Riverwalk in Capstone.

A community for today and tomorrow

Here’s a look at Capstone today: In addition to two major public squares that ensure green space and gathering places are at the heart of the inviting community, the newly expanded Riverwalk has already become a major recreational destination that connects to more than 100 kilometres of trails winding throughout the city.

With some 120 shops and services already at home in Capstone, there’s no reason to leave the community!

But there’s so much more to come. When it’s fully built out, Capstone will feature 2,000 condominium residences, plus convenient commercial and office spaces adjacent to one of Red Deer’s biggest projects, the Red Deer Hospital Expansion.

And with the Capstone Park development by Calgary’s Brad Remington Homes – the neighbourhood’s first private equity investment – Capstone is well on its way to becoming the vibrant, inclusive and engaged community of Cap Citizens committed to this exciting new way of living.

Are you Capstone Curious?

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