Moving from Doubt to Belief

Trisha Fuller, Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

Trisha Fuller, Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

By Trisha Fuller

Are you plagued with negative thinking that holds you back?

Is the loop playing in your head self-doubting?

Do your thoughts replay old experiences over and over?

Are you programmed to think about all the problems that could arise rather than the solutions?

Are you constantly focused on what you DON’T WANT or what you want to ELIMINATE?

If you said YES to any of these questions, this mind trick is for YOU!

Quick and effective, it’s demonstrated in video below and reviewed in steps after the technique is done:

For those who prefer to follow written steps, we’ll explore the technique here:

This technique focuses on NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming, using techniques based on the connection between neurological processes, language patterns and behavioural patterns to facilitate change and achieve personal ambitions and goals.

Before you begin, here are some useful ideas to adopt when using NLP – while there are always exceptions, believing these core concepts can help people change quicker.

  • People work perfectly. No one is wrong or broken.
  • People make the best choice available to them at the time.
  • Every behaviour comes from a positive intention.
  • Choice is better than no choice. Expanding your options is good!
  • People already have most of the resources they need.
  • Anyone can do anything. If one person has accomplished it, we can assume others can too!
  • The most flexible person within a system will have more ability to control the system.
  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.
  • People respond to their map of reality, not to reality itself.
  • You are always communicating.
  • The meaning of your communication is the response you get back.

Doubt to Belief and Belief to Doubt – How to!

First, pick the un-useful, unwanted or negative thought you wish to eliminate or turn down – notice that it makes a picture in your mind.

Next, choose what you wish to focus on instead, what you want – your goal – and make that picture in your mind.

Close your eyes. Imagine a bulletin board or white board in front of you. When the negative thought makes a picture in your mind, have the image pop onto the board in front of you. (It doesn’t matter where it lands)

Now, open your eyes and think, “What is my favourite colour?”

Next, close your eyes again and imagine your goal image now popping onto that board. It will pop on the board in a different spot. Don’t think about it. Just let it happen.

Now, open your eyes and think, “What is my shoe size?”

Close your eyes and notice where things are stored in your mind’s eye that you used to believe were true but are no longer relevant or useful. They are usually stored in the same area of the mind’s eye or imagination.

For example, where do you see on the board that: You used to believe in Santa Claus? You used to need help tying your shoes? You used to need training wheels to ride a bike?

Now, open your eyes and think, “What is the colour of my vehicle?”

Close your eyes and notice where things are stored in your mind that are absolutely TRUE! Again, they are usually stored in the same area.

For example, where do you see on the board: Your birthday; That green means GO and red means STOP; That the sun will come up tomorrow.

Open your eyes and think of your kitchen sink.

Now you’ve discovered there are at least two different areas where images are stored in your mind:

  1. Where things are no longer useful or things you used to believe but no longer need to believe.
  2. Where things are absolutely true or believable.

Could change be as easy as moving the pictures in your mind? Yes!

First, physically move the negative thought/image with your hand to where things are no longer believed.

Next, physically move the goal or desired picture to where things are absolutely true! Notice how the picture changes and becomes more believable.

Open your eyes. What colour is your home?

Close your eyes, double check where your goal/desire picture is, and if needed, move it to the truths area again. Really see it, hear it, feel it and imagine it in a way that is real to you, then open your eyes when you believe it!

Practice – and learn more today

Get in the habit of moving both positive and negative thoughts and images daily to help you focus on reaching your goals and aspirations.

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The sources for this article and technique are compiled from the teachings of Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Steve & Connirae Andreas and Scott McFall.

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