My Happy Feet Socks Reviews – Pain Relief Socks Turn Achy Feet Into Happy Feet?

Feet carry your entire body weight and carry you from one destination to another, but the least care is taken until it hurts. When it hurts, you want relief, but for proper redressal, you need to know the root of the pain. If the pain is located at the heel, then it is plantar fasciitis, inflammation of tissues between heel and toe. The pain is more in the morning when you get up from bed; you feel the sting in the heel or arch of your feet.

Heel spurs

Heel spurs are another cause of foot pain due to the growth of bone underneath the heel. The unusual growth of bone can happen due to the incorrect size of shoes, wrong running or walking posture. The ache is more prominent when you stand or walk; surprisingly, many individuals have it but then do not feel the pain. People with flat feet or high arches are more prone to heel spurs. Hammertoes, overlapping toes, and bunions are other causes of foot pain. In a stone bruise, you feel a sting in the ball or heel of the foot arising out of injury or stepping in a hard-pointed object. But this soreness subsides with time.

Preventive measures

To avoid foot pain, select the right size of shoes with good arch hold and padded soles. Rest your feet when it pains; you can take over-the-counter pain relief medicine. If the pain persists, visit a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. Some sock manufacturers have designed socks to relieve foot pain with a perfect toe alignment blueprint. My Happy Feet Socks are designed with four-toe dividers and an open front. The separators in the sock avert foot pain owing to crooked toes. The product comes in multiple shades with comfortable texture and design; the spacers perfectly fit with your foot shape. As you wear the socks for fifteen minutes, blood circulation improves and provides relief to foot pain and cramp.

Organic fiber

The fabric of the socks is a blend of cotton (90%), polyester (7%), and elastane (3%). As cotton is a breathable fabric, it keeps your feet cool and comfortable, and socks made from synthetic fabric generate heat on the skin of your feet. Perhaps this brand is the first to introduce foot alignment socks. The users testify to the benefits of the product as it eases pain, cramp and improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation over time. The unique design of the sock; is toe dividers that comfortably part the toe while promoting strength and agility. People suffering from eczema and psoriasis derive benefits from this brand of socks as it reduces itching and pain and keeps the feet cool. Dermatologists also recommend using cotton socks for these people.

Ergonomic design

According to the maker of the brand, the product provides relief to people suffering from plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoe, arthritis, bursitis, diabetes, eczema, and other conditions. Unlike invasive surgical processes, these socks provide therapeutic relief to feel pain. The scientific ergonomic design supports twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and one hundred twenty muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and ligaments that shape your feet. Wrong walking and running posture coupled with ill-fitted shoes damage the anatomy of the feet; the unique design of the sock gently separates the toe and realigns them to avert potential injury and pain.

Inspired from yoga

The design of the sock is inspired by yoga practices involving toe stretching; this mimicked functionality tries to provide the same comfort and benefit of toe stretching. The sock gently stretches your toe promoting agility and mobility along with toe strength particularly beneficial to people suffering from plantar fasciitis and bunion. Each toe is made of two or three bones called phalanges, and joints between two bones are known as metatarsals. Cartilages connect two bones and facilitate smooth movement, and the lubricant synovia further adds to flawless movement. The socks, by stretching the toes align, strengthen it, promote flexibility and reduce chances of injury.

100,000 miles

In a lifespan, a person is likely to walk 100,000 miles, circling the earth four times over the equator. There are some easy preventive steps to avert foot pain; as your feet bear the entire body weight, the more the weight, and the more the potential damage. Twenty pounds of more weight alters the foot function, increasing the exerted pressure. As one grows old, the calf muscle becomes stiffer, putting more stress on the feet. Stretching exercise for calf muscles keeps them flexible and strengthened.

High heel effects

High heels can definitely augment your height and look but play havoc on your feet. Wearing high heel shoes for one hour and six minutes stimulates foot pain. Wringing your feet into sharp-toed heels leads to various health conditions such as bunions, blisters, ingrown toenails, back pain, distorted toes, and even curtailed calf muscles. The shape of your feet changes over time. Select the right shoe size with cushioned soles and ample toe space.

Way and time

Wear shoes coupled with this brand of socks. In the first week, wear the sock for fifteen minutes with spacers positioned near the tips of the toes. In the following week, wear it for one to two hours with the spacers’ midway down to the toes. In the third week, you will feel relief from foot pain, placing the spacers at the bottom. At this point, you can wear the sock overnight. After regular use, you will experience the full benefits of these socks. Your feet will gain more mobility, strength, and endurance power. Properly aligned toe and feet improves standing posture, thus reducing the potentiality of back pain.



If you are unsatisfied with My Happy Feet Socks, they can be returned as it comes with a ninety days money-back policy, and you can avail of free shipping if the order is qualified for it. As the sock aligns your feet and toe by gently stretching, it promotes strength and relieves foot pain. As the fabric is mostly made of cotton, the side effects of skin rash or other conditions are minimal. Without invasive methods, it provides relief from foot pain, and you have a comfortable and smooth feeling on the skin as the fabric of it is organic. The product comes in three different sizes and is machine washable, so it never stinks and remains unsullied and hygienic.

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