Everyone deserves to love their skin and body and the expert team at Iconic Beauty are dedicated to being part of your self-discovery.

Everyone deserves to love their skin and body and the expert team at Iconic Beauty are dedicated to being part of your self-discovery.

Red Deer aesthetics studio shares glimpse into 2 self-discovery journeys

While everyone struggles with insecurities, they don’t have to hold you back.

And it’s exactly this philosophy that’s at the foundation of Iconic Beauty Aesthetics – they believe in building your confidence, helping you embrace the bold person you were born to be.

With state-of-the-art treatments, supportive and knowledgeable staff, education, and a passion for helping others, the team is dedicated to your self-discovery journey.

Understanding that making that first foray into aesthetics can be intimidating, we’ve chatted with two clients for a firsthand glimpse into the world of cosmetic procedures!


Antonia Panayotova consulted with the Iconic Beauty professionals for injectables – treatments to treat fine lines and wrinkles. As it was her first experience, Antonia was unsure what she needed, how much and where, so an initial consultation explored the process and expectations of results, and helped determined the next steps to take.

“I’m almost 40 and was seeing some sagging near my eyebrows and the famous ‘11s’ on my forehead, so I wanted those areas lifted. I also wanted to keep my elevated expression, so everything looked natural, so Sarah chose Botox,” Panayotova says.

Trusting the expertise of staff, the procedure immediately followed her consultation. Numbing cream was used and the injections were over painlessly in minutes, with incredible results appearing in just 5 or 6 days.

“I knew I was in good hands before even getting the treatment, but the results reinforced that – I’m so happy with them! Who knew that pretty much five minutes in her office would help make me feel this good,” notes Panayotova

Laser Treatments

Laser treatment client Buffy Joss’ journey also began with a consultation that again reviewed expectations, as well as what Buffy could expect during and after the procedure.

“I was seeing signs of aging on my skin, with wrinkles, dark spots and clogged pores. I also work at an office with an east-facing window, so I had sun damage on the left side of my face around my eyes,” Joss explains.

With her aesthetician recommending a Micro Laser Peel procedure, a topical numbing lotion was applied before the laser treatment began. About 6 to 10 hours following the appointment, she did feel some heat on her face, as the staff had advised her. Patting the recommended mix of water and vinegar on her skin help cool it, with the following 4 or 5 days spent keeping her skin hydrated and out of the sun.

“I’ve since seen a huge difference with the fine lines around my eyes and the dark spots have lessened significantly,” Joss says. “I used to be conscious about those areas, along with some acne scarring on my cheeks, but these results have made me feel so much better about them.”

Everyone deserves to love their skin and body – and with the help of Iconic Beauty you can become the unapologetic person you were born to be!

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Iconic Beauty Aesthetics – Enhance the authentic you!

Iconic Beauty Aesthetics – Enhance the authentic you!