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STARS LOTTERY helps keep hope alive for those in need

Vital, life-saving care is there to help on your worst day, so it won’t have to be your last
VIP Jorja Straus, in the Edmonton STARS hangar.

It’s late afternoon and the closest rural hospital is 20+ minutes away, the nearest major hospital is even further, and your child was just involved in a freak accident … What do you do? It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – one that young Jorja Strauss’s parents lived through when Jorja was injured on their farm in rural Alberta.

Critically injured by a 3.5-inch projectile nail from a nail gun that pierced a rib, stomach, pancreas, spleen and kidney, Jorja was rushed to the nearest hospital where the medical team knew she needed immediate critical care at a trauma centre.

STARS flew Jorja to a children’s hospital and provided vital care along the way.

Thankfully, Jorja’s story has a happy ending. Thanks to the life-saving response time and critical care given by STARS, she made it to the children’s hospital in time and made a full recovery.


Alberta’s rural communities and backcountry wilderness offer unmatched natural beauty but for those looking to live in or visit less-populated areas in Western Canada, there comes a risk that’s often overlooked.

Alberta’s outdoor adventure-seekers and those living in rural communities call upon STARS’ highly specialized teams of nurses, paramedics, physicians and pilots everyday. Last year STARS handled 36,156 emergency calls in their Emergency Link Centre and have carried out more than 50,000 missions across Western Canada since 1985, with 1,667 in Alberta this past year alone.

STARS LOTTERY is essential to ensure that they can be there for Albertans like Jorja when they need them the most.

Get your tickets today

STARS LOTTERY has 2,108 prizes worth $4.8 million available to be won, including three luxury homes, vehicles, dream vacations and a potential $4.5 million cash in the LUCKY STARS 50/50 draw. There’s also an amazing Early Bird prize of a lakeside townhome in Kelowna, B.C. worth more than $878,000. By purchasing your ticket, you’re both helping save lives and getting the opportunity to win potentially life-changing prizes.

“What makes this particular lottery unique is that all the money raised funds our operations in Alberta. We generally receive enough revenue from the lottery to run one of our three bases for an entire year, which makes it our largest fundraiser,” says Mark Oddan, Program Manager of Lotteries and Fundraising Initiatives at STARS. “When people support STARS LOTTERY, they can feel good knowing they’re actually helping us provide critical care to patients anywhere it’s needed and whenever it’s needed most.”

  • STARS LOTTERY tickets are $30 each; four for $75; eight for $125; 20 for $275; or 35 for $400
  • LUCKY STARS 50/50 tickets are $10 each; five for $25; 15 for $50; 30 for $75; or 50 for $100
  • Early Bird deadline is March 2; Final deadline is March 22

Learn more about STARS and the essential work they do online here, find more STARS LOTTERY information here and find deadlines for ticket purchases here.

Purchase your STARS LOTTERY tickets today and know you’re helping keep STARS in the skies to help those in need across Alberta.

Check out video tours of the dream homes below: