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What does clean air have to do with clean teeth?

How this Central Alberta dentist uses technology to improve clinic safety
Dr. Mike Dolynchuk, owner of Caroline Dental Center and Dolynchuk Dental Center in Central Alberta.

When creating new dental centers, the staff at Dolynchuk Dental always stay true to the same mantra. Ensure the location is as sterile and safe as possible, prioritize patient satisfaction and comfort, and bring in the best technology the profession has to offer.

Air quality has always been a key part of clinic safety, and the pandemic underlined its importance. Their two newest clinics, Caroline Dental Center in Caroline and Dolynchuk Dental Center in Red Deer, were built during pandemic-stressed times, and owner Dr. Michael Dolynchuk went above and beyond on the quest for cleaner air.

“With nothing even available in Canada, I searched the American market for top science air filtration systems and common sense applications,” he says.

“Our newest office in Red Deer has its own designated roof top HVAC unit, which means we share no air with any others in our building. Inside, we breathe good old Mother Nature’s free outdoor air, filtered on its way in using 14 Vita Shield UV/HEPA ceiling filters that scrub the air consistently to 99.9 per cent purification level. It’s safer for patients, staff, and clinicians.”

High-tech dentistry

Dr. Dolynchuk searched far and wide to bring high quality air filtration to his Central Alberta clinics, and he brings the same high standards to the dental equipment available to dentists. In fact, his two clinics are the only dental offices between Edmonton and Calgary with Solea CO2 Dental Lasers.

“The Solea laser allows us to treat most conventional dental decay, cavities, and fillings with no needles, drills or numbness, in a fraction of the time of conventional care. Imagine your child receiving dental treatment with water, air, and a uniquely scientific flashlight!” he says.

Dr. Dolynchuk first offered the Solea laser in Caroline and now in Red Deer’s new QEII Wellness Centre. They’re a great fit for the state-of-the-art medical building which is also home to Horizon Physicians, Horizon Laser Vein & Cosmetic, Aveiro Sleep, Summit Physio, CAMIS Ultrasound and the very helpful staff at Mettra Pharmacy.

“As science excels with new technology, we will stand united to provide the best that science has to offer our patients who have trusted us for more than 25 years,” Dr. Dolynchuk says.

Find Caroline Dental Center at and at 5103 48 Ave., Caroline. Call (403) 722-2122 to make an appointment. Find Dolynchuk Dental Center at, and at 6845 66 St., Red Deer.