Canada briefs – March 29

A Quebec provincial police officer was shot in the leg and a suspect was seriously wounded Monday during a gunfight south of Montreal.

Police officer shot in leg, suspect also wounded

ST-REMI, Que. — A Quebec provincial police officer was shot in the leg and a suspect was seriously wounded Monday during a gunfight south of Montreal.

Police spokeswoman Joyce Kemp said the 29-year-old officer was shot after she exchanged gunfire with a man in the rural community of St-Remi.

Kemp said the officer was transported to hospital with an injury that was not considered life-threatening.

She said a suspect was also taken to hospital with bullet wounds of his own.

“(The) suspect was hit by gunshots and he was seriously wounded,” Kemp said.

Montreal police will investigate the incident.

Lawyer guilty in sex scandal

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg Lawyer Jack King said he was sorry for pressuring a client eight years ago to have sex with King’s wife, now a judge, as he pleaded guilty Monday to professional misconduct.

But he directed most of the apology at his wife, Queen’s Bench Justice Lori Douglas, who is being investigated by the Canadian Judicial Council over the incident and is no longer hearing cases.

“My behaviour was disgraceful,” he said at a hearing in the large meeting room of the Law Society of Manitoba, which was filled with reporters as well as the complainant and former client, Alexander Chapman, and members of his family.

“To my wife, I can never apologize enough.”

He said all his wife did was privately indulge him in his strange tastes. He posted naked photographs of her on a website and gave some to Chapman.

The three-person panel which heard the case was expected to rule later in the day on what punishment he should face.

Drugging video excluded from Smith inquest

TORONTO — An Ontario coroner presiding over an inquest into the prison death of a mentally ill teenager says jailhouse video her family considers key evidence would not help determine the cause of Ashley Smith’s death.

Smith, 19, choked herself to death with a strip of cloth at the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont., in October 2007.

Coroner Bonita Porter says videos depicting Smith’s treatment at Quebec’s Joliette prison for women aren’t sufficiently connected to the circumstances of Smith’s death to justify their being part of the inquest evidence.

In the decision released March 25, Porter says evidence already available to the inquest, which is to start April 4 in Toronto, leaves open manners of death other than suicide.

Before her death, Smith had endured months of forced medication, isolation and 17 transfers from one prison to another.

Smith was initially given a 90-day sentence for throwing crabapples at a postal worker. But in-custody incidents kept her behind bars.

The executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies called the Joliette videos “shocking and disturbing” in an affidavit.

“Ashley was left in a wet security gown for an extended period of time while strapped to a metal gurney,” Kim Pate said.