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Dutch bracing for the worst when top two isotope reactors are shut down

OTTAWA — The Netherlands is bracing for the worst if the world is without its two top sources of medical isotopes next year, a scenario that became more likely last week after Canada’s nuclear agency said it will take longer than planned to repair a leaky reactor at Chalk River, Ont.

Government investigates case of Toronto woman stranded in Kenya

TORONTO — After staunchly refusing to recognize her citizenship for weeks on end, the federal government is now probing how it handled the case of a Canadian woman who has returned home after being detained in Kenya for months over an identity dispute.

Canadians need better flu education, says new head of doctors group

SASKATOON — The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says Canadians need to be better educated about flu symptoms ahead of a possible resurgence of the H1N1 virus this fall.

Helicopter pilot who was helping fight BC forest fires believed dead after crash

VANCOUVER — British Columbians whose lives and homes were protected by tireless crews this fire season owe a debt of gratitude to a helicopter pilot who died in the line of duty and all of his firefighting colleagues across the province, the Mounties said Sunday.

Ex-Montreal teacher will serve 27 years in jail for sex crimes

A former teacher from a prestigious Montreal private school will serve more than 27 years behind bars in Virginia after being sentenced on more sex-related charges involving children.


Canada briefs – August 14

Annabelle Hamilton is four years old. Under the best circumstances, when she grows up she will have only grainy memories of her father, Cpl. Thomas Hamilton, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Kandahar last December.


Lightning hurts three

A 26-year-old mother saw clouds gathering and was headed home when she, her young son and his playmate were struck by lightning in a soccer field, the distraught woman’s husband said Thursday.

Reactor delayed

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is urging Canada’s beleaguered nuclear agency to pick up the pace in repairing a leaky reactor at Chalk River, Ont., down until at least next spring.

Appeals court to rule on Khadr

A federal appeals court is to rule today on whether the government must seek to bring Omar Khadr home from a U.S. military prison.

Woman coming home: PM

Three months after a Toronto woman was detained in Kenya because officials questioned her identity, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that Ottawa is working hard to bring her home.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff responds to media questions after  speaking during a luncheon hosted by the Saint John Board of Trade on Thursday

New Brunswick government welcomes Ignatieff’s support for nuclear energy

SAINT JOHN, N.B. — Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff reaffirmed his support for nuclear energy before a receptive audience Thursday.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff responds to media questions after  speaking during a luncheon hosted by the Saint John Board of Trade on Thursday

Taser to launch legal challenge against B.C. public inquiry; CTV News

VANCOUVER, B.C. — There is a report that Taser International is poised to launch legal action against the public inquiry looking into the death of Robert Dziekanski.


Bear trapped

A young bear weighing about 75 kg lbs has been terrorizing garbage cans in the Picton Street area of Thunder Bay, Ont., for the past week and has finally met its match, Thursday.


NDP hoping to turn provincial wins into federal seats as party meets

HALIFAX — Federal New Democrats are hoping that provincial success in Nova Scotia and Manitoba — as well as a possible name change — can boost the party’s electoral prospects as delegates gather for their annual convention beginning Friday in Halifax.

Harper says Ottawa working hard to get Toronto woman detained in Kenya home

KITCHENER, Ont. — The federal government will get to the bottom of why a Toronto woman ended up stranded in Kenya for nearly three months over false claims that she was an impostor, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised Thursday.

Parole board turns down Robert Latimer’s request for easier day parole

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — The National Parole Board has turned down Robert Latimer’s request to live on his own during the workweek and only stay at a halfway house on weekends.


Megabus Toronto Montreal service

A megabus motorcade travels down Toronto’s Yonge Street on Wednesday, to announce Toronto-Montreal new double-decker service from $1.


Canadian pleads guilty in theft of plane that flew over U.S.

A Canadian man has pleaded guilty in federal court to stealing a plane in Canada and flying over three U.S. states before landing along a dark southern Missouri highway.

One lightning bolt can be ’one too many,’ expert says after two kids struck

An Environment Canada meteorologist says lightning can strike up to 17 kilometres away from a storm, giving the appearance it has come out of the blue.

Pollution knows no boundaries

Environmentalists want Ottawa to set caps on emissions from Alberta’s oilsands that are likely responsible for acid rain falling over northern Saskatchewan’s pristine rivers and lakes.