Farmers are hoping there isn't a repeat of last year's "harvest from hell" when early snow and cold temperatures hampered harvest.
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78 per cent of major crops in the bin provincially, according to latest crop report

Despite some delays caused by cool, wet weather this week, producers now have 78 per cent of the major crops in the bin, according to the Government of Alberta’s latest crop report.

This number marks an 18-percentage point increase over last week.

The harvest is 31 points ahead of last year’s progress and 37 points ahead of the five-year average. Regionally, the North East made the most progress with over 26 per cent of the crop harvested this week, followed by Central (21 per cent), North West and Peace (13 per cent) and the South region (10 per cent).

Expected dryland yields in the province are significantly below normal at 63 per cent of the 10-year index. Regionally, the ratings vary reflecting the growing season precipitation received in the area. The South region has fared the worst with yields being 43 per cent of the 10-year index, while the North West region fared better with yields being 77 per cent of the 10-year index.

In the Central region, harvest is nearing completion with 85 per cent in the bin. This is significantly ahead of the five-year average of 38 per cent harvested. Ten per cent is currently in the swath.

The dryland yield index rose slightly to 61 per cent from 59 per cent two weeks ago. Dryland yield estimates (irrigated in brackets) are currently 31 (70) bushels per acre on spring wheat, 10 on durum, 56 (95) on barley with 53 on oats. Canola estimates are 29 (60) bushels to the acre with peas at 25.

Quality is very good despite the difficult growing season: 90 per cent of spring wheat and 96 per cent of durum is in the top two grades with 91 per cent of barley grading 1 CW or Malt and 84 per cent of oats in the top two grades. Ninety per cent of canola is grading 1 CAN with 88 per cent of field peas in the top two grades.

Fall seeded crop condition is estimated as 63 per cent good or excellent.

Pasture ratings are 30 per cent poor, 28 per cent fair, 41 per cent good and 1 per cent excellent.

Surface soil moisture ratings (sub-surface in brackets) are 18 (29) per cent poor, 25 (28) per cent fair, 54 (38) per cent good and 3 (5) per cent excellent.

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