Canadian drivers may not be as courteous as they thing, says a new survey.
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83% of Alberta drivers admit to speeding: survey

97% of drivers admit to aggressive or road rage-like behaviour

Canadian drivers are not as courteous behind the wheel as they think, says a new survey.

The survey found 97 per cent of Alberta drivers admit to aggressive and road rage-like behaviours when behind the wheel.

However, 96 per cent of the same respondents consider themselves to be courteous drivers.

In Alberta, 83 per cent of drivers admit to speeding and 70 per cent confessed they tapped their brakes when tailgated. Fifty-nine per cent admitted to swearing or making hostile hand gestures.

“Across the country alarmingly, three in ten drivers have thought of taking their road rage a step further by throwing an object at another vehicle, physically confronting another driver, or trying to frighten someone by following them for a while,” says in a news release.

Twenty-eight per cent of drivers have been angry enough behind the wheel to think about doing something impulsive.

Younger drivers seem to have the worse tempers with 38 per cent of drivers under the age of 35 admitting having those thoughts compared with 25 per cent of drivers 35 or older.

More men — 35 per cent — admitted having these rash thoughts than women — 21 per cent.

Fourteen per cent of drivers have been angry enough to do something impulsive. Again younger drivers — 21 per cent of those under the age of 35 admitted their impulsive behaviour, compared with 11 per cent of drivers 35 and older.

Twenty-one per cent of men admitted reckless behaviour compared with seven per cent of women respondents.

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