Addition adds capacity to school

Students at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School will have more room to learn this year.

  • Sep. 16, 2016 9:42 p.m.

Students at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School will have more room to learn this year.

Over the summer the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools finished installing a new addition, which has the capacity to hold 708 students.

Ken Jaeger, the district’s supervisor of Support Services, said the space crunch was something that needed to be addressed sooner than later.

“We were very tight on space for student classrooms. This certainly helps relieving some of that pressure of the space issues we had. We have had significant growth again this year so it needed to be addressed,” said Jaeger.

One of the bigger projects in the Red Deer Public School District was the addition of a heat pump at Glendale Sciences and Technology School.

”It maintains the standards we have in our district,” said Della Ruston, the district’s Associate Superintendent System Improvement. “It ensures our students are kept warm during the winter and not to hot in the spring or fall,” said Ruston.

Other fixes included new roofing, LED lighting replacement in the school’s parking lots and the exterior of the building, new flooring and enhancements of administration offices.

Ruston said there is a lot of pride that goes into providing the best facilities possible for students and staff.

“Our buildings always look really good because we put a lot of thought and effort into our maintenance. I think our team is effective at keeping things running really well and looking good,” said Ruston.

Although a lot was accomplished over the summer, the list of things to do at these schools are never ending and causes problems when trying to keep up, said Ruston.

“There’s never enough money and we don’t always have enough staff to get things done. We do have a good team who works to the best of their ability, but we always have a waiting list for things to do,” she said.