AHS suggests healthier habits to help prevent tooth decay

April is Oral Health Month

During Oral Health Month in April, Alberta Health Services is encouraging Albertans to limit added sugars to prevent tooth decay and protect overall health.

AHS explained that added sugars are found in processed foods and drinks and also used to preserve foods. Sugar can be added for taste, texture and colouring, but has no nutritional value.

They say too many foods and drinks with added sugar can increase your risk for tooth decay, and contribute to other diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

According to Health Canada, drinks such as pop, sport, energy and fruit-flavoured drinks, along with sweetened milk and coffees, are the main sources of sugars in our diets.

Other foods high in sugar are sweetened baked goods and desserts, chocolate and candy, and condiments such as ketchup and jam.

AHS says there are some practical tips to help you limit sugar for healthy teeth and overall health:

Limit the amount of sugar you add to foods and drinks during preparation or at the table.

Drink water and plain milk most often and reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.

Choose fruits and vegetables in their natural form for a healthy snack.

Albertans are also encouraged to attend regular dental visits. A dentist provides the best recommendations for your oral health needs. The Canadian Dental Association recommends children see a dentist within six months of showing their first tooth or by their first birthday.

Learn more about oral health by visiting ahs.ca/oralhealth