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Alberta crop combining right on schedule

17% of major crops combined so far, matching 10-year average

The amount of central Alberta crops that have been combined so far is ahead of long-term averages but behind last year.

The latest Alberta Crop Report says 18.5 per cent of major crops had been combined as of Aug. 30 in central region, compared with the five-year average of 11.7 per cent and 10-year average of 9.9 per cent.

However, combining is significantly behind last year when 27.5 per cent of major crops in the region were combined by Aug. 30, according to the Agriculture Financial Service Corporation and Agriculture, Forestry and Regional Economic Development Survey that came out on Friday.

Province-wide, 70 per cent of crops are still standing, with 17 per cent combined and 13 per cent are in swath.

In central region, 76.9 per cent of dry peas have been combined, compared with 0.7 per cent for canola. About 37 per cent of barley, 18 per cent of oats and 13 per cent of spring wheat has been combined in the region.

“Harvest is progressing rapidly with only small scattered showers,” says the report. “Crop reporters’ commentary highlight early yields off the combine that are better than many expected.”

Across the province, “combining ranges from 64 per cent complete for dry peas to one per cent for canola. Harvest progress relative to normal in the season has advanced from this time last week, although some significant rains in the south have delayed harvest regionally,” says the report.