A sample of what a card-sized immunization record will look like. (Photo courtesy of Alberta Health)

A sample of what a card-sized immunization record will look like. (Photo courtesy of Alberta Health)

Alberta Health apologizes for long wait times to access MyHealth records

System upgrade is being implemented to decrease wait times

Alberta Health is acknowledging the long wait times to access MyHeath records and is hoping an upgrade to their systems will help alleviate issues.

Albertans flooded the system Thursday after the government announced its new “Restrictions Exemption Program,” which is set to go into effect Monday.

Individuals will need to present proof of vaccination or a negative rapid COVID-19 test from a private vendor to enter participating businesses starting Monday.

There were times on Thursday, when more than 100,000 people were waiting to access MyHealth records, which is the only place to access proof of vaccination.

“We apologize for the difficulties experienced by Albertans in accessing MyHealth Records over the past 48 hours,” said Amanda Krumins, assistant communications director, Health in an email statement.

“All Albertans received a paper immunization record at their COVID-19 vaccination appointment. They are able to use their existing paper records when the proof of vaccination requirements are implemented on Monday.

“If Albertans no longer have access to their original paper record, other options to get a proof of vaccination include contacting the pharmacy or physician’s office where they received the vaccine or by calling 811.”

Originally, the government planned to launch a printable, card-sized proof of vaccination form, Thursday. That release was pushed to Sunday.

“For the time being, Albertans should avoid logging into MyHealth Records to download their current immunization records,” Krumins said in the statement.

“Significant upgrades to MyHealth Records are being made to improve access and respond to the high interest to view and download the printable card. Pushing the launch for a few days will lead to better service for people using MyHealth Records.”