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Alberta offering new mentorship opportunities for newcomers

Alberta is funding projects that help newcomers access mentorship opportunities.

On Wednesday, the provincial government announced a $2.1-million investment under the Alberta Mentorship Innovation Grant.

This will help eight organizations deliver career mentorship programs aimed at helping newcomers find meaningful employment based on their work experience, education and skills, according to the provincial government.

“As an immigrant to Canada, I recognize the important role that mentorship can play in helping newcomers thrive when establishing their careers in a new country,” said Kaycee Madu, minister of labour and immigration.

“These projects will help newcomers match with professional mentors and build connections to increase their employability while strengthening Alberta’s workforce with the skills and talent to support businesses across the province.”

These projects will deliver mentorship programs throughout Alberta, the government said, adding one project will be provincewide and focus on mentorship opportunities for international medical graduates.

Muhammad Yaseen, associate minister of immigration and multiculturalism, said these mentorship projects will help break down barriers that newcomers often face when first trying to build their careers in Alberta by helping them understand how to apply their professional skills and experience in a Canadian context.

“As we move forward in our economic recovery, we will continue to invest in Alberta’s newcomers so they can put their skills and talent to work in jobs that support local communities across the province,” said Yaseen.

Projects terms will range for up to three years until March 2025 to ensure organizations can provide long-term mentorship opportunities to newcomers.

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