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Albertans split on UCP, NDP as provincial election approaches: new survey

Abacus Data releases survey results on Monday
A new survey suggests Albertans are torn between the United Conservative Party and NDP heading into the provincial election. (Black Press file photo)

Albertans are split between the province’s two major parties just a couple of months before the 2023 provincial election, a new survey indicates.

Abacus Data recently conducted a survey for which 700 adults living in Alberta were asked questions about their views and intentions as the provincial election approaches.

Thirty-five per cent of Albertans said they would vote for the United Conservative Party (down five percentage points from the last survey in February). Alberta’s NDP had an identical result, as 35 per cent said they would vote for the NDP in the upcoming election (down three percentage points).

Meanwhile, 22 per cent of people said they were undecided. This is a rise of six percentage points from February. Five per cent of people said they would vote for the Alberta Party and three per cent said they would vote for another party.

“Since last month, the political landscape in Alberta hasn’t changed much but we do see a noticeable shift back towards the undecided category for many past UCP voters,” Abacus Data’s report released Monday states.

“The NDP vote share is holding steady but we continue to see volatility among past UCP voters. Those Reluctant UCPers will decide the outcome of the provincial election.”

Among 2019 UCP voters, 65 per cent say they would vote UCP today, 12 per cent would vote NDP and 20 per cent are currently undecided.

Impressions of Danielle Smith are largely unchanged from last month. Thirty-seven per cent have a positive view of the Premier while 40 per cent have a negative impression. For NDP leader Rachel Notley, her net favourable has declined. Thirty-nine per cent have a favourable view of the NDP leader (down four percentage points) while her negatives are up two percentage points to 39 per cent.

Alberta’s NDP has a healthy lead in Edmonton, with 45 per cent of survey respondents saying they would give that [arty their vote, compared to 26 per cent who would vote for the UCP.

Calgary was much closer, with 36 per cent saying NDP and 35 per cent saying UCP. In other areas across Alberta, 41 per cent said they would vote for the UCP, 27 per cent said they would vote for the NDP and 25 per cent said they were undecided.

The NDP lead among those under 45 and women while the UCP is ahead among those 45 and old and men.

This survey was conducted between March 2-4.

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