Eight billboards such as this one were seen around Alberta earlier in January. Photo contributed

Eight billboards such as this one were seen around Alberta earlier in January. Photo contributed

Anti-Trudeau billboards across Alberta spark debate online

“Lock him up.”

That’s what a latest billboard campaign in Alberta said alongside a photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which garnered attention on social media over the weekend.

The Alberta Fights Back advertising campaign started Jan. 4.

Peter Downing, executive director of Alberta Fights Back, said the eight billboards across the province said exactly what Albertans are feeling.

“This is the popular sentiment – the popular sentiment is ‘lock him up,’ that’s what people are saying online,” said Downing. “Whether it’s interfering in criminal investigation like he did with SNC Lavalin, or the Aga Khan’s trip, whether it be giving terrorists $10.5-million…”

“So any of these billboards we’ve done are not controversial, it’s public opinion.”

Alberta Fights Back is a third party advertiser registered with Elections Alberta, and a third party political action committee that advocates separation from Canada.

The billboards went up around Edmonton, Airdrie and Calgary area and were strategically placed to “hit the maximum number of views.”

Asked about the social media debate over the billboards, Downing said the overwhelming majority of people supported the billboards.

Downing said “one person tweeted something negative, and that was about it.”

The billboards also caught attention outside of the province.

“There are bunch of liberals or socialists people outside of Alberta, or in Eastern Canada who don’t like it, but too bad for them,” Downing said. “The overwhelming majority of Albertans support and they like the billboards.”

Downing, Wexit Canada leader, said he hears people’s frustrations with Trudeau and Premier Jason Kenney, and with time the sentiment of separation will grow.

“You’re going to see more established conservatives become separatists,” he said.


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